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The creatures are another obstacle of the many obstacles Kyle Katarn must face before he can stop Jerec. They are always in the way, coming the sky, the water, or the ground. He has to deal with them almost as much as he does with the Imperials and Bounty Hunters, but thankfully not as much.

Mailoc - The Mailoc is a creature that first appears in this game. It is a flying insectoid creature that attacks from the air with the greatest of ease. It has a stinger that cuts your you shields and hurts your health, so it is best to get it at a distance where it is not dangerous. Mailocs usually travel in groups. Where there's one, there's another.

Drugon - Drugons are creatures in the water. Despite the agility of these guys, their sizes slow them down. They are usually found in the Valley of the Jedi, but are also found in other places. They will eat Stormtroopers as well as you, so kill it before it gets close, otherwise you're as good as fish food.

Water Cyc- Another swimming monster, the Water Cyc has three poisonouse tentacles. They float in waterways of all sorts of planets with water. They may be still, but don't let that fool you. It's tentacles are fast and come alive when any movement occurs.

Kell Dragon - The Kell Dragon is well known in the Star Wars galaxy. Although we never saw it in the 3 movies, most diehard Star Wars fans know that the noice Obi-Wan Kenobi made to scare off the Sand People in A New Hope was a Kell Dragon howl. The Kell Dragon is the famous pet of the rich and famous, mainly because it proves their courage and power at taming it. Blaster shots bounce right off of it's front side. Stay away from close to the front of this monster or it'll take a bite out of your health, and you can only survive 2 to 4 bites.

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