Characters - The Bounty Hunters

"Bounty Hunters. We don't need their scum." - Admiral Motti, the Empire Strikes Back

Most everyone in all corners of the galaxies hate Bounty Hunters. They see them as nothing more than scum who would sell out their own mothers if the price was right. And they are pretty much right. Not that the bounty hunters care. They make lots of money. Here you can read about these hated bad guys.

RodianRodian - Rodians are a race of lizard-like green bounty hunters. They have a short snout-like mouth and small ears on the top of their heads. You can see your reflection in their eyes. They are short, sneaky and easy to kill. Always armed with a Blaster Pistol. Most people hate Rodians. They see them as nothing more than slimy disgusting bounty hunters. A very well-known Rodian is Greedo, the bounty hunter than Han Solo blasted in the Mos Eisley Cantina on A New Hope.

Trandoshan - Trandoshans are a race of reptilian creatures. Most are well known for their skill with the Concussion Rifle. They appear to wear Rebel Pilot Suits. The are hidious to behold and like the Rodians, are not really a race that most people like all that much. A well known Trandoshan is Bossk, the bounty hunter seen in Empire Strikes Back aboard the Executor.

GranGrans - Grans are a race of three-eyed goat-like aliens. They are mean and not people you'd like to get into a fight with. They are tall and aggressive monsters who love to throw Thermal Detonators and their enemies. Only a few have thermal detonators, some are armed with Blaster Rifles, some just love to get into fist fights. And believe me, they pack a harder punch than you do! The Grans in this game work for 8t88. The most well known Gran is Ree-Yees, the Gran that is onboard Jabba's Sail Barge in Return of the Jedi.

Gamorrean Guards - These large, fat, pig-like aliens are hideous creatures. They charge with axes, which is the only weapon they have, so they are only dangerous up close. Gamorreans can take lots of energy weapon shots before they die though, giving them time to get to their enemy. Most of the Gamorreans in this game work for 8t88 alongside the Grans. The Gammorrean Guards are well known as Jabba the Hutt's cronies in Return of the Jedi.

Grave TuskenGrave Tusken - The Grave Tuskens are a type of Tusken Raiders. The Tusken Raiders most of you Star Wars fans are used to are the Sand People from A New Hope. It took me by surprise to see these guys, because I didn't think there was another kind of Tusken Raider, but here they are. The Grave Tuskens are famous for their love of robbing the dead. Some carry Blaster Rifles, some carry Bowcasters, not the Wookie Bowcaster, but Bowcasters made for people. Another surprise. The Tusken Raiders in this game work for Maw. They do unsavory deads, anything Maw wants. The Grave Tuskens are found in Morgan Katarn's old house on Tulon, where they encounter Kyle Katarn. They were pretty much sucking it dry of valuables while they followed out Maw's orders to guard the house in case anyone every came back to it and keep any information that can be obtained there under wraps.

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