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The Imperials, the ones we have been familar with since the beginning of the Star Wars era. From the classics like the Stormtroopers to the droids like the Remote. We will never forget them, and they add action and adventure to Star Wars itself. Here is where they get some recognition for their part in Jedi Knight.

StormtrooperStormtrooper - Yes, the Stormtroopers. The assault soldier of the Empire. The loyal cronies of evil. The icon of the evil the Empire represents. The Stormtroopers are not all that clever or really smart for that matter. Their armor seems to be worthless and they are armed with a standard Imperial Blaster Rifle. But it seems as though the Empire has an endless supply of them. It doesn't seem to matter how many you kill, there they all are. These guys are so loyal to the Empire and so persistant it's almost suicidal on their part. These guys are always there, ready to fight Kyle Katarn to the end. To the death, which usually results in their own.

Field Trooper - The Field Trooper is really just a Stormtrooper but with a higher rank. They lead the Stormtroopers into battle. You can tell them apart from the average Stormtrooper by the patch on their shoulder. They usually have an Repeater Gun or a Rail Detonator, never an average Blaster Rifle, at least not in this game. The most known Field Trooper is Devin Felth, the Stormtrooper with the orange patch on his shoulder who hunted down the droids, Like Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine in A New Hope.

Imperial Officer - The Imperial Officer is well-known in Star Wars too. They are not fighters, although they carry Blaster Pistols, which they are very accurate with. They are usually found in computer rooms or control rooms and are carrying important stuff like keys. They will not hesitate to punch your ticket, although they themselves are the easiest Imperials to kill in Jedi Knight. They are sometimes found crawling out of fallen AT-ST's in this game.

Imperial Commando - These guys are higher ranking that Imperial Officers and Stormtroopers and have better armor than any of them. They wouldn't be caught dead carrying a melee weapon, but rather they have Blaster Rifles than have a longer range than any Imperial Officer or Stormtrooper. They also move fast due to intense physical training. Imperial Commandos, like the Imperial Officers can be found abandoning the falling AT-ST when you take one down.

Imperial Probe DroidProbe Droid - The Probe Droid may be a slow hovering robot, but don't let that fool you. These nasty scraps of Imperial technology are extremely dangerous. They pack as much punch as the average Blaster Rifle and usually try to get close to you to do more damage. When you destroy one, though, they explode and can easily destory anyone within it's range along with it. They usually try to get above you so they will have a benefit, so you should destroy it before it gets too close. The Imperial Probe Droids were made famous because of their appearances in the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back when they seeked the Rebel base and they self-destructed when Han Solo and Chewbacca attacked it. Only in this game, they aren't seeking a base, they are seeking Kyle Katarn. And when Kyle attacks it, it won't self-destruct until it is destroyed by Kyle Katarn. These guys can fly pretty high in the air, so you'll have to aim a little bit to get them.

AT-STAT-ST - The AT-ST, the war-machine of the Empire, makes an appearance in this game. They can be found in Imperial Bases and outside. They appeared in Return of the Jedi, when Chewbacca and two Ewoks hijacked one and used it against themselves and the other Ewoks set traps to fight them. In this game, they are easier to defeat, but still are a challenge since you have to get really close. But you can't hurt them with a energy weapon shot, since it will ricochet off from the armor. The way to take these down is to go for the legs with your lightsaber. After you take it down, an Imperial Officer or Imperial Commando will come crawling out of it and you have to take care of him too.

Remote - Although Remotes aren't really too much of a threat, the Empire uses them anyway. They are very fast and fiesty, and fire Blaster Pistol-like shots. They are hard to fry because of their speed, but only one or two shots is needed to kill them. They make for good lightsaber practice for the training Jedi, as seen when Luke Skywalker trained on one in A New Hope with Obi-Wan Kenobi cheering him on.

Sentry Droid - These droids are new, making it's first appearance in this game. They are patrol droids who keep civil order in urban areas. They are hard to hit because of speed, much like the Remote. However, they are more dangerous, they fire a Blaster Rifle shot instead of a Blaster Pistol, but other than that, they aren't much different from remotes and their aim isn't as good either.

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