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In Loving Memory of Jerad

This memorial is dedicated to
Jerad Evans Angeline,

whose life was cut short, at the age of 16,
by a Drunk Driver,

3-24-1983 to 2-20-2000.

Jerad was known as "the party animal" of Laurel Highlands High
School in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. He got along with everybody and had very few enemies.
On the night of February 19, 2000 Jerad partied a little too much and had too much to drink. He and his friend decided to leave the party--that's where it all began! The 2 boys got in the car and left. They were speeding up a hill, lost control of the car, and hit a tree. Jerad was pronounced dead at 3:35 a.m. on February 20. Jerad had his seatbelt on but that didn't matter at the time. They were both drunk and they both lost their lives at the young ages of 22 and 16. Jerad would have turned 17 on the 24th of March.

As I sit here and write this I cry wondering -- "Who will be next?" I am only 15 years old and I have already had to deal with the deaths of 3 young boys due to DUI!
I think about them all of the time. I know that Jerad Evans Angeline, Jeremy Randall Tomasek, and Christopher "Crazy" Franks did not even begin to live their lives. All 3 of them were very close to me but now I can't even tell them how much I really cared.

There are so many if's, could have's, should have's, and would have's that go through my mind constantly, such as, if I were at the party could I have stopped them from leaving? I should have talked to them to see if they were having problems that I could have help them deal with, if there were here would I have tried to help them? I hate having to deal with this every day of my life. I miss them all so much words can't explain it!

If you have enough time to sit down and read this then you have enough time to stop and talk to your kids, parents, teachers, students, and friends about drinking and driving.

Please, if you are somewhere and somebody wants to drink and drive, be the only responsible one and take their keys, UNLESS you want to go through what I am going through. If you think that this kind of thing can't happen to you, THINK AGAIN, because that is exactly how I felt until 2 years ago.




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