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Noisy Suspension

How to make it quieter

If your 2CV's suspension squeaks or groans (don't worry, there's probably nothing wrong) it might just need some lubrication. To do this, you will need to grease the 'knife edges', and oil the springs. The diagram below shows the suspension system (under the floor on each side of the car). The springs are located inside the circular boxes.

To grease the knife edges (where the tie-rod connects to the axle arm), first make sure the joint is clean and free from stones and dirt. Brush on some general purpose grease (mixed with a little engine oil), pushing it well into the joint so that it reaches the moving parts. To oil the springs, you will need to fill an oil can or plastic bottle with castor oil or vegetable (cooking) oil, and fit a plastic tube so the oil can be squeezed into the spring box. Squeeze about half a pint (300 cc) of oil into the spring on each side. If you can, twist the spring box and then rock the car to help spread out the oil.

Will Rolt

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