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Charlston Body Stripes

To make a 2CV a "Charlston", either when repainting an existing Charlston, or converting a regular one you will need Charlston stickers. Of course, it's very expensive, and if your Charlston is to be a "special" in your own colours, the colours you prefer may not be available (for example if you want to paint it in black and white etc.)
These designs for Charlston templates (48K JPG) should let you reproduce the design onto your car:

First of all, paint all the 4 wings (front and rear), then copy the design onto cardboard and cut it out. Paint the body first, and then paste the cardboard on the body and doors and draw it, (or let your painter draw it), cover the edges and paint.....
The finished result should look like this

Raviv Haik

(See Raviv's car and its restoration for the results)

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