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The Workshop

(Technical Information)

Welcome to the workshop.

In this section, I hope to provide technical information about servicing, restoring and repairing the 2CV. Following the link will take you to the subject you have chosen. I welcome any additional information, and if you have anything to add, please contact me.

Topics So Far:

Bodywork *Creating The sweeping "Charlston" style body stripes.

* Brightwork -A nickel strip along the sills-

Stopping Leaks and Draughts! * Replacing the vent flap and wiper spindles.
Servicing Schedule

This is an adaptation of the original Citroen guide for 2CV6.

Other models (2CV4, Mehari, AK400) are similar, but certain points may be different.

* 1000 miles (1600km) or every month.

* 3000 miles (5000km) or every 3 months.

* 6000 miles (10000km) or every 6 months.

* 12000 miles (20000km) or every year.

* 24000 miles (40000 km) or every 2 years.

Suspension *Lubricating noisy suspension to make it quieter
Unleaded Fuel *Unleaded Fuel and the 2CV.

Please Note:

These are just suggestions, and all modifications, adjustments etc. are carried out at your own risk.


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