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6000 mile (10000 km) 6 monthly service.

This service is to be carried out every 6000 miles (10000 km) or every 6 months, whichever comes sooner.

Service Item


Carry out 3000 mile service: 3000 mile (5000 km) service.

*Drain and replace engine oil and oil filter.

*Check and top up Gearbox Oil.

Frequent oil changes are vital to keep the 2cv engine in good condition. The best filters are the blue "purflux" filters, which were the original fitment. Cheap oil filters will not remove all suspended particles in the oil.

Use a good quality 15w/40 oil. (e.g. Duckhams Hypergrade)

Use EP 80 or EP 90 Hypoy gear oil, and top up to the level of the fill plug.


*Kingpins, driveshafts and suspension linkages.

Use good quality driveshaft grease. Dilute with engine oil for suspension "knife edge" linkages, push out any dirt, and grease using a stiff brush.

*Check spark plugs

*Check ignition timing and dwell angle

Remove and replace plugs CAREFULLY (avoid cross threading. They should screw in easily by hand)

Gap should be set to 0.7 mm (0.029"). Replace with BOSCH W 5A or equivalent if necessary.

Use ignition timing hole in flywheel (disonnect coil). Points should open as soon as timing hole passes hole above left cylinder. Check with dwell meter if possible (about 65%).

Air Filter:

*Clean air filter element

Wash in petrol, moisten with oil. replace if very dirty. Check condition of the hose running from oil filler to air filter.

*Check front disc brake pads for wear, and handbrake operation.

Wear indicators should be visible on top of front disc brake pads. On disc brake cars, adjust handbrake using the eccentric adjusters (this is better than adjusting the cable).

Will Rolt

12000 mile service.

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