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24000 mile (40000 km) 2 yearly service.

This service is to be carried out every 24000 miles (40000 km) or every 2 years, whichever comes sooner.

Service Item


Carry out 12000 mile service: 12000 mile (20000 km) service.

*Drain, replace and bleed brake fluid.

*Check rear drum brakes.

Use correct type of fluid (green LHM in disc brake cars). The wrong fluid will cause seals to perish, and the whole braking system will need rebuilding.

Remove rear wheel and hub and check brake shoes/pistons. Big socket and big torque required for this. Rear brake shoes wear very slowly, but pistons can seize.


*Check and adjust suspension heights.

Check suspension heights with the car on level ground, unladen with 1/2 tank of fuel. Adjust by turning suspension tie rods (along base of sills). Lowering the suspension too much will cause the tie rods to come free from the linkages, and the car will collapse onto the ground.
Gearbox oil:

*Replace if necessary.

Old gearboxes can become noisy, but still function perfectly. To quieten an old gearbox, use a thicker grade of gearbox oil. EP80 or 90 are suitable.

*Check and replace if necessary.

Some people replace the battery as a matter of course every few years, to keep the car starting well. In any case, return old batteries to the shop to be recycled (some offer a discount for this). 

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