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12000 mile (20000 km) yearly service.

This service is to be carried out every 12000 miles (20000 km) or every year, whichever comes sooner.

The car must also recieve an MOT test (in UK), or the equivalent elsewhere. This will check certain items (operation of brakes, emissions, lights, rust), but is not a guarantee of condition.

This service could be carried out before MOT test time, to ensure all items work, and the car should pass. Remember the MOT. Driving without one is illegal and dangerous.

Service Item


Carry out 6000 mile service: 6000 mile (10000 km) service.
Valve Clearances:

*Check and adjust valve clearances.

*Unleaded adjustment?

Adjust both rocker arm clearences to 0.2 mm (0.008 in).

If using lead free or low octane fuel, adjust to 0.25 mm (0.010 in).

Cooling system:

*Check condition of fan and fanbelt.

*Clean oil cooler fins.

*Check engine cowling, condition of heater tubes.

Fan pulley, belt and oil cooler are exposed when changing points.

Replace fan if blades are missing or damaged. Replace belt (to alternator) if cracked. Should have 3/4 in or 2 cm free play.

Oil cooler is vital to prevent overheating. Remove all dirt and clean fins (I blast it with a hosepipe, but there is probably a better way).

Cardboard tubes should be in good condition, and securely fastened. Cowling should be free from blockages etc.


*Replace ignition points and condenser and adjust.

*Replace spark plugs.

Use BOSCH W 5A or equivalent and set gap to 0.7 mm (0.029")

Contact breaker gap should be 0.4 mm +-.05mm

Dwell - around 65%

Use ignition timing hole in flywheel (disonnect coil). Points should open as soon as timing hole passes hole above left cylinder. If engine runs badly or pinks (pings), check timing setting.

Check, clean and lubricate:

*Door, boot and bonnet (hood) hinges and locks.

*Seat runners.

*Heater, throttle and clutch cable linkages.

Rear door, bonnet (hood) and boot (trunk) hinges slide out. Clean and lubricate with thick grease.

Door locks may seize up. Lubricating with WD40 will stop the problem, but wash out any grease, so the problem will return. Lubricate with thick oil, or dismantle and grease barrels.

Seat runners are often troublesome, and can bend and distort.

Heater cables can come out of adjustment. Check both heat exchangers come on/off together.

Clutch cable free play about 3/4 inch or 2 cm.

Check for wear or play in:

*Kingpins, wheel bearings, steering system, track rod ends, suspension arms, CV joints.

*Condition of driveshaft and C.V.joint  rubber boots.

Should be checked as part of MOT. Wear in steering or king pins often causes steering shudder on corners, which is not condusive to safety, especially as severe vibration can cause further damage or wear.

Worn wheel bearings often rumble, Worn C.V. joints click, especially on corners.

Will Rolt

24000 mile service.

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