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If anyone has any interesting or unusual pictures, that they would like to see included on this site, I would be very grateful if you could send them to me as GIF, JPEG or whatever, or contact me with any information.

2CV Pictures "Rust In Peace" My 2CV Other Citroen Pics

Various Pictures of 2CVs etc.

2CV Cross; Brittany, France 1987 (A waste of a lovely car, but more fun than rotting in a scrapyard)

Raviv has sent me some pictures of 2CV Racing England (1990), with a close up shot of number 22.

A 2CV Camper Van conversion in beautiful condition (I want one), spotted near Interlaken, Switzerland, 1990

A Blue 2CV as seen from another.

An unusual 2CV Caravan made from the back ends of 2 cars. (B/W)

A very early 1948 2CV (This car is a museum piece at the Monaco Museum, and has apparently never been used.)

Another unused car, this time a maroon and black charlston.

A yellow 007 2CV, complete with bullet holes, made famous in the 1981 James Bond film, "For Your Eyes Only".

A 1961/2 2CV (with a problem) and a Fiat 600 on the Beach at Tel aviv. Raviv's father is trying to fix it.

An early publicity photograph (I hope nobody minds me using this)

Yellow 1966 Ami 6 owned by Raviv's family from 1974 to 1979 (Raviv is sitting on the bonnet)

Daniel Pfenninger's 1963 2CV with sahara bonnet,a 500cc engine, boosted from the original 425, custom made bumpers and leather seats.

Steve Barnes' Beachcomber (Highly tuned, a wolf in sheep's clothing!)

An early and unusual Mehari.

A 2CV for the future? A design from Citroen, and the Chrysler CCV.

Raviv Haik from Israel has recently restored his beautiful 1979 2CV.

Raviv's Car (That's him in the picture)

Another photo of Raviv's car


Some vehicles which have seen better days, may they rust in peace..

Not exactly on top of the world.

A fleet of retired 2CVs, the white one has decided to eat Raviv.

Some more relics from the past.


Some Pictures of my own 2CV, a typical 1985 2CV6 Special.

My Car At Home. (1)

At Home. (2)

At Home. (3) -B/W Photo-

On The Road (1)

On The Road (2)

On The Road (3)

Engine View

Interior (1)

Interior (2)

"At The Wheel"

Approaching top speed...


Some other Citroen cars

An unused DS in perfect condition. This car is part of Monaco Museum's collection.


I will be adding more pictures as I find them.

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