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Marja Tulonen - 12/15/00 08:53:11
My Email:marja.tulonen@nbb.se
It was a nice site with some nice pictures. Me and my boyfriend has started a restoration of a 69 2cv from belgium. We live in Sweden.

paul griesse - 12/11/00 22:10:08
My Email:pdgriesse@prodigy.net
Car (If applicable): 1971 2cv4
Glad to find your site-----Just starting a restoration on my car. Any U S parts suppliers you may be aware of? Thanks Paul Griesse

Lee Harkis - 12/02/00 01:06:07
My URL:http://www.southamerica.freeserve.co.uk/
My Email:leeharkis@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): A very wet ZX Volcane
Will, Just a quick note to say thanks for putting together such a great website. Nowhere on the web have I found a site with as much useful 2CV information as yours. My little red ZX TD has been drowned in the floods, and I've been thinking of upgrading to a 2CV on the insurance money. I've now got some reading to do, but at least I've now got the information to read!! Thanks again, Lee.

Georgina Gray - 12/01/00 13:30:02
My Email:georgina@dixonsctc.org.uk
Car (If applicable): red 2cv special
Hello Will I enjoyed visiting your site. I've had my very shiny red 2cv Special since August 2000. It was OK in the summer, but it's very hard to keep upto in the winter months. I have been tempted to part with him, I'm ashamed to say. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, I will not be disheartened. Somebody made me a very good offer and I declined. There, thats proof. see you Gina

stroemf - 11/24/00 08:56:44
My Email:stroemf@winbox.com
Car (If applicable): 2cv6
great info that you don't find on any other site had troubles finding the site though, only the in the special directory of webcrawler your site is easy to find.

MattSwd - 10/28/00 20:06:21
My Email:squelch41@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV Special
Cool site... Cheers MattSwd

Ilkka - 10/25/00 16:49:40
My URL:http://user.tninet.se/~dex264s/Citroen/pictures.htm
Car (If applicable): Renault :-(
Hi Will. Just wanted to check out who is the "Next" from my site in Citroen Ring. Love this site and especially that grey background color in your navigation bar. In fact, I have used the same grey color in my 2 CV index page where you can see a beautiful Boulangerie car in this same color. There must be a history behind this color, and some day I'm going to find out what it is.

Simon Carl Rapman - 10/22/00 17:29:20
My Email:scrapman@rustbucket.co.uk
Car (If applicable): Burgundy Rover 200
the last time I saw a blue CV like yours in the photo gallery it was rusting away between two trees is some old folks garden. I tried to buy it but they thought it was propping up the trees and they didn't want to rip me off. Looked very similar though?? nyhow apparently it had been abandoned there in favour of a RED one, still you can't account for taste.

sally - 10/22/00 08:56:26
My Email:sally_richardson@lineone.net
Car (If applicable): 2cv charlston c reg
2cv charlston for sale- maroon and black- c reg- good runner used daily- re-built chasis this year- brand new front box- clean and tidy- offers around £1000- Birmingham area West Midlands UK

Trevor Scholes - 10/09/00 11:38:11
My Email:trevorscholes@hotmail.com.au
Car (If applicable): 2cv6 Charleston
I believe that my 2cv is one of about 300 registered in Australia...I find these little vehicles absolutely fascinating and have been searching for one for over a decade. My 2cv was once owned by Trudi Goodwin who plays sargeant June Ackland on the Briti h TV series "The Bill"...If you get to read this Trudi, please send me an e-mail, it would be a real thrill...your little car is being really looked after and pampered. Thanks again for your informative site Will, it is always full of interesting materia

NOYMAK - 10/09/00 08:57:09
My Email:noymak@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): 2cv6
CONGRULATIONS..It's really a good site.Thanks for the informations which was useful for us.My husband is renovating our 2cv.We believe that when his work is over it will be a special one. 2cv's are just like breathing fresh air. We have been using this special car since many years and believe that they are "OLDY BUT GOLDY"

Jeff - 10/08/00 15:44:48
My URL:http://members.aol.com/grafixbyjc
My Email:grafixbyjc@aol.com
Car (If applicable): Citroen 2CV6 special
A must for all 2CV enthusiasts.

Andres Pradilla - 10/04/00 01:58:53
My Email:apradill@impsat.net.co
Car (If applicable): 3 X 2CV
The most amaising car in History 2cv

Phil - 09/17/00 18:57:58
My Email:philarkell@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): Bajaj Chetak (Indian Vespa lookalike)
Love the site, some very useful info here. I'm hoping to buy a 2cv fairly soon as I've always wanted one, but was never brave enough to try!

Davide - 08/28/00 07:46:25
My Email:micasatucasa@altavista.it
Car (If applicable): a red 2CV6 Special
Very good site! Expecially for the strips of charlston. I search always stickers for my "dream car". And is someone can send me the design of interior in tissue for the 2cv6 special. Thank you. Davide

Tony Brusaferro - 07/16/00 08:28:26
My Email:tonybrusaferro@goldserve.net
Car (If applicable): none ' yet '
I had a restoration project ( 2-2cv's ) but unfortunately at the end it failed the mot - chassis. I am not giving up and love the 2CV ' life '

Jose B from Belgium - 06/01/00 06:35:48
My URL:http://here.is/mydeuchevoo
My Email:mydeuche@freegates.be
Car (If applicable): 2cv convertible
Very nice page about restauration of a beautifull 2cv. Go on this way

dave - 05/15/00 21:11:29
My Email:twocv@globalnet.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2cv x2 aks400
nice site well done

malcolm payne - 05/15/00 11:41:26
My Email:malcolm@burnhill-feeds.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2CV Dolly
We sadly have to sell our beloved 2CV, and are looking for a suitable buyer. It's a 'Rhubard and Custard' Dolly rebuilt onto a new galvanised chassis about 12 months ago. We want it to go to a good home, we live in the Huddersfield area and are looking fo offers around £1,500

Jo„o Pedro ¬ngelo - 05/15/00 00:00:39
My URL:http://drive.to/twh
My Email:joni_ang@mail.EUnet.pt
Hi Will. Congratulations for your good website. With a lot of information and i liked particularly of the workshop. Me & my friend Paulo Jesus have a 2CV Website too and you are invited to participate in it in the Visitor's Meeting Point. See you soon. Regards from Portugal.

Doug Aldridge - 05/13/00 22:12:14
My Email:d.aldridge@sympatico.ca
Car (If applicable): Charleston2CV
All sites about this, the greatest car ever designed are fun---- I enjoyed this one

Victoria Haslehurst - 04/24/00 14:02:37
My Email:torby78@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV Special
What a brilliant page, very useful. However, I have to sell my car, so I'm looking for wanted, or for sale ads! Once again thought, very helpful. Thanks

Scott Marshall - 04/23/00 18:30:11
My Email:scrotemarshall@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV special
I have a 'C' plated 2CV special which is in need of some TLC, the car would be free to a good home should anyone have the time and love of this style of vehicle to be able to restore it to it's former beauty. If intrested please contact me on the above em il address. Thanks.

angie - 04/06/00 13:37:24
My Email:angie_rendell@yahoo.co.uk
Car (If applicable): I walk !!!
I would love a red 2cv like yours! - you should have left the keys with me whilst away.

Justin - 03/29/00 09:40:02
My Email:witneyantiques@community.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2CV Special.
Lovely site, cheeky message. Umm, well, actually...I want to flog my 2cv (blue, 39000, V.good condition, E reg. £1000, MOT till 2001, radio.) Witney, Oxfordshire, UK.

Terry McKay - 03/24/00 17:54:35
My Email:mckayt@cantrex.com
I really enjoyed your site. I drove (didn't own) a 2CV back in the 60's when I lived in Metz, France and have been in love with them ever since. Now that I am in my 50's I would like to get one but am having a hard time sourcing them in Can

Nikki Dooner - 03/20/00 17:07:46
My Email:ndooner@earthlink.net
Car (If applicable): (former) 1984 2CV6 Charleston
What a marvelous site! It brought back many happy memories of the "Flying Shelterhalf", AKA "Zelda," my car while I was a lieutenant stationed in Germany. Sigh. I was forced to sell her when I was transferred back to the States. I am convinces the "Big Th ee" were too afraid of the little Duck to let them in! Ah well. I have a nice framed adrvertising poster, and now your site. The maroon and black 2CV looks just like mine. Thank you.

neal thornton - 03/16/00 17:54:27
My Email:nth@blackpool.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): dolly
A brilliant web site with sound and interesting info. Well done.

Harry 2cv Broekhuis - 03/09/00 23:04:27
My Email:Harry.2cv@12move.nl
Car (If applicable): 2cv 51/53/59/65/84
A very nice page!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doug Aldridge - 03/08/00 22:27:25
My Email:d.aldridge@sympatico.ca
Car (If applicable): 1973 Charleston
Great site, any information on the "tin snail" is always welcome.

John Littlewood - 02/26/00 03:58:43
My Email:littlewood@mackay.net.au
Car (If applicable): 81 2CV Special
Great site, I really enjoyed reading it. My duck is giving problems and I am 1000Kms away from a Citroen Garage. It will start, but then fade away immediately. I have changed; plugs, points/timing, ht leads and suspect either ignition switch or fuel ... any thougts anybody!!!! John

ian - 02/13/00 20:40:36
My Email:lammy35@yahoo
Car (If applicable): 2CV6 special
Good work,i know it is done from love, thanks for the info i am less worried now about finding a backstreet specialist when i move.

Jack Foley - 02/04/00 18:15:38
My URL:http://www
My Email:Jackexpress@aol.com
Car (If applicable): Not yet but soon
This has to be the most informative site on the web...& I might add interesting,all encompassing,etc. Just can"t thank you enough! Wish I could add something for all your efforts!
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