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Jake Kavanagh - 02/02/00 12:43:50
My Email:jake_kavanagh@ipc.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2CV special
Thanks for helping me stop a chorus of protests from my suspension! Also, thanks for the info on unleaded fuel. You'll never know how many people this will help - (I work for a Motorboating Magazine!!) Ever thought of writing a book...?

Carlos Paiva - 01/26/00 23:20:42
My Email:wdmpaiva@clix.pt
Car (If applicable): 2cv6
this is not a car... its a lifestyle!

Andy Morris - 01/20/00 23:51:24
My URL:http://www.nodzhouse.org.uk
My Email:noddy@nodzhouse.freeserve.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 1.5x 2cv6 specials (ones past repair- keeping it for spares)
Nice site. I have just become an "owner" he he he Soul.

Ian "Daewoo" Green - 01/15/00 12:57:42
My Email:devil_driver@yahoo.com
Car (If applicable): 1x 2cv6 1x Acadiane (rusty) 1x Daewoo Matiz (say no more)
Wow! Cool! love it! Why did I buy a Daewoo when I could have restored my van? too late now. Keep it flat and twin potted! Ian

Stephen O'Regan - 01/11/00 21:09:26
Car (If applicable): 2x2CV6
Great site

rar - 01/04/00 21:47:25
Car (If applicable): 2cv dolly
rusty clutc slipping fun

L-G Olsson - 01/03/00 21:02:51
My URL:http://drive.to/citroën
My Email:bergstrom.olsson@delta.telenordia.se
Car (If applicable): 2cv, XM122, XM TCT
Hello/Hej! Nice site,I really enjoyed the article about your 2CV. L-G Olsson

Jack Foley - 01/02/00 03:18:06
My Email:JackExpress@aol.com
Car (If applicable): Subj: 80's 2cv
Just a thorough wealth of info...Thank you. now the next step is finding one!!!2200hrs2Jan00..

Andi - 12/16/99 18:21:04
My Email:littlemickse@aol.com
Car (If applicable): 2cv6
great site if you could put in some contacts for 2cv racing it would be much appreciated......

petra and peter - 11/25/99 22:04:36
My Email:schoor2@zonnet.nl
Car (If applicable): bx 16 tgi break , 2cv6
Thank you very much I didn't know where to start to keep our 2cv operational but now I do

Dave Wainwright - 11/22/99 22:56:41
My URL:http://you.genie.co.uk/cheeky
My Email:dw@porsche.dabsol.co.uk
Car (If applicable): '67 VW Beetle, '83 Porsche 924, '81 Jago Geep, '92 Ford Escort
Well done on creating a very informative site about the 2CV. I own a VW Beetle, amoung other cars, and I'm thinking of purchasing a 2CV, as I'm intrested in all things air-cooled. Keep up the good work with the site!

Carlos Duarte - 11/02/99 17:15:42
My Email:carlos-duarte@crix.pt
Car (If applicable): 2cv6 club 1986
2cv Sem descrição possível, todas lhe servem e todas lhe ficam aquém.

Cedric - 10/25/99 22:04:58
My Email:cedric281279@yahoo.fr
Car (If applicable): 2cv charleston 86
Thanks a lot, you made a very cool website. Very informative and good fun too. I just have a question, do you know if some charleston's seats were made with the same fabric as yours 85 special?

Alan Lewis - 10/25/99 02:50:53
My Email:alan@laboheme.com
Thanks for all the info on your site. I 'll be buying a 1968 AZU Truckette next week. A dream finally come true.

Alex Barnett - 10/15/99 11:41:56
My Email:lxb@cwcom.net
Car (If applicable): 1985 2CV6 Spécial, Merc 200, Triumph Dolomite, etc...
Excellent site - very informative, useful and entertaining. Keep up the good work!!

Alex - 09/18/99 04:22:12
My Email:atkunu@cs.com
Car (If applicable): still looking...for2CV
hi Will, Thanks for all the info. I'm in the process of getting a restored '63 from Association 2CV Normandie....Do you know anything about this organization? I asked them for references but didn't get much.The person I've been in contact with seems hone t but it's difficult to pay for something without seeing it first.What do you think? Thanks again.Alex

Andrew Cole - 09/14/99 12:00:20
My Email:93coleaj@students.cleeve.gloucs.sch.uk
Car (If applicable): 2cv4
nice web site. safe dela rafe!!!!!

Alfredo Pérez - 09/08/99 20:45:49
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Track/8066/2CVstemple.html
Car (If applicable): 2CV6 CT
One of the best sites about the 2CV I have ever seen... and I´ve seen a lot, I promise. If you are a 2CV´s fan, definitely you must see this site

Austin Hannan - 09/04/99 22:41:12
My Email:Aunan78605
Car (If applicable): I wish I had one
Hi I from Rochester Ny and I found your website very interesting and informative I too love 2cv and I find them very interesting I know when I turn 16 I going to get 2cv

Suzy - 08/20/99 21:42:49
My Email:jimmysev@jsev.freeserve.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2cv charleston 2tone grey
Great pages!! I'm actually hoping for a bit of information on the safety of 2cvs. I've got two small children and it has recently dawned on me that I may be putting them at some risk driving them round in my 2cv. Does anybody know if these cars are any less safe than anything else - or is that a stupid question?

Lovro - 08/19/99 12:26:41
My Email:lovro.novinsek@lju-airport.si
Car (If applicable): 1975 2cv
Nice page, nice cars! I bought a 1975 2cv two days ago and I also intend to do restauratation on it. Wish you luck with your 2cv. Lovro from Slovenia

Janine - 08/01/99 16:56:08
My Email:janine@workandplay.screaming.net
Car (If applicable): 2CV Dolly
Thanks for your homepage. We've just bought our 2CV (Dolly) and your your info has given me more courage. All I've got to do now is work out why my Husband can start her, but I can't! Cheers.

Jo Mercer - 07/29/99 11:00:45
My Email:jo@homenet.prestel.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2CV Charleston
Great page. I really must get my car in as good condition as yours! Know anyone who does restoration in the Surrey area?

Philip Dykes - 07/21/99 20:44:45
My Email:PHDYKES@AOL .com
Car (If applicable): 2CV
just bought one collecting it on Saturday 24th July. Sounds like it is going to be fun!!

Gaz - 07/08/99 18:54:35
My Email:weathercoc@aol.com
Car (If applicable): "Eric" '72 AK 400
Excellent. A most informative web page. Loved the pic of the camper at Interlaken. I really ought to give my van the full carpets and curtains treatment. Keep on bouncing !

Oliver - 07/03/99 19:57:39
Car (If applicable): Raleigh Max (21 gears)2
Hi Will, Hows your "Chugga Virtual" going? Perhaps it will get this far again one day (when a new elastic band has been fitted) Best Wishes Cousin Oliver

Oliver - 07/03/99 19:54:17
Car (If applicable): Raleigh Max (21 gears)2

Richard - 06/29/99 21:49:53
Car (If applicable): Toyota Carina (a proper car)
Get polishing the much-loved motor I'll check it when I see it next. Keep the 'chugga virtual' going. XXX

jamie - 06/29/99 17:24:28
My Email:aws30jjs@gateway.net
Car (If applicable): looking
This site is awesome-very informative. I am looking for a 2cv and think I have possibly found it, however, the car is in the U.K. and I am in the U.S.. The car sounds good, a little problem with the brakes and that is supposedly all. Aside from not being ble to physically see it, I am not familiar with overseas transport. If you can help me, would you be kind enough to do so? You can e-mail me at aws30jjs@gateway.net Thankyou very much, jamie

Rick - 06/15/99 13:40:54
My URL:http://www.hurst40.freeserve.co.uk/2cv.htm
My Email:rickhurst@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): (before it burnt) 2CV6, Drumbraker
I like the page, especially the camper conversion. Theres a picture of my lovely khaki 2CV on my homepage, (before it caught fire). If anyone else has pictures of 2CV vans on the net, please email me the URL!

Ken Hanna - 06/02/99 20:33:53
My URL:http://members.aol.com/Slcchassis
My Email:Slcchassis@aol.com
Car (If applicable): Dyanes (1 dozen?)
Hi, Will, Very cool Website----any chance you could sort mine out!!! Pity you didn't speak to me at Worcester (but you were probably having too much of a good time ) Only one technical comment, Dyanes(9:0.1 c.r.) WILL run OK on unleaded, but the timin has to be retarded slightly. (As usual, dynamic setting of timing is best) Keep up the good work. Ken.

keithy - 05/19/99 11:58:28
My Email:keithy@keithclan.screaming.com
Car (If applicable): Ferrai
Bang on luv

dave sizer - 05/19/99 07:54:40
My Email:2484@balcarras.gloucs.sch.uk
Hi this web page isn't very good bye

Russell Wallis - 05/18/99 10:17:29
My Email:1678@balcarras.gloucs.sch.uk
Car (If applicable): Renault21 but want a 2cv
Citroens are the best cars in the world. Your web site is excellent.

Tim Wright - 05/17/99 15:40:08
My Email:1690@balcarras.gloucs.sch.uk
Car (If applicable): 1988 2CV Plum/Custard "Dolly"
I'm 17 next month, and I will be learning to drive in our 2CV. We needed a second car, and being absolutely MAD on 2CVs, I convinced my parents into getting one, and they've never regretted it!!

Mike Phelan - 05/12/99 14:48:32
My Email:mike@lean.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 1971 Dyane
Hi there - just thought I'd sign your book

BIG TAZ - 05/11/99 19:18:53
Car (If applicable): 1987 BLUE/WHITE 2CV
Ay up Ducks! from sunny Derbyshire! The 2CV is the most incredibly, brilliantly designed, curvaciously beautiful piece of artwork ever...a bit like me really!. This is my 3rd one and my ambition is to still be driving it when I'm 60! (I'm 39 now!!!)

sam atkins - 04/28/99 08:46:04
My Email:57263.a.Trow.Trowcoll@trowcoll.ac.uk
i'm only 17 but i am a absolute fan of these cars and am intending to get one this year, my dad has a blue 2cv with a tarten hood. I also like it when you see another cv and they wave back, you don't get that with modern cars bye sam

Julio Costa - 03/22/99 06:39:40
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~costajulio/
My Email:costajulio@yahoo.com
Car (If applicable): 1966 2CV currently under restoration
Hi Will, What a fine, well-researched site! Well done! Check out my South African 2CV site at http://members.tripod.com/~costajulio/citroen/2cv.htm

Rick Hurst - 03/17/99 16:41:09
My URL:http://www.raymondstarski.freeserve.co.uk
My Email:rickhurst@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): Khaki 2CV (before it burnt)
I had a totally cool Khaki 2CV which I helped rebuild from a few different cars, but one day it caught fire and burnt to a crisp by the roadside. bummer

Emma - 03/08/99 23:09:11
My Email:e.r.daly@ex.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): Beige 2cv
Hurrah like your web page ,and as promised no rude remark.

Bob Marshall - 02/28/99 21:30:24
My Email:robert@themarshalls28.freeserve.co.uk
Car (If applicable): BRA CV3(kitcar based on 2CV)
Thanks for putting such a well organised site on the net the information and contacts are most welcome Question? Do you know of anyone who sells a coil over shock suspension system for 2CV's. Thanks again Bob.

Tim Robson - 02/26/99 12:05:58
My URL:http://www.bigfoot.com/~tim.robson
My Email:tim.robson@bigfoot.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV, Dyane, CX 22TRS, ZX1.4 Avantage estate
I thought seeing as you'd signed mine - I had better sign yours !! Won't be at many camps this year, wife due to hatch baby around middle of July !

simon hill - 02/24/99 19:13:07
My Email:s.r.hill-98@student.lboro.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): Dolly and special
Brilliant site with loads of information. I'm at university as well and there isn't a day goes by that I don't miss my cars. Keep up the good work.

will - 02/17/99 16:36:26
My URL:http://www.fly.to/wjr
My Email:w.j.rolt@ex.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): 2 2cvs
This site has undergone a few changes. More are on the way soon. Pop ups should have gone, and everything should be a bit quicker. Thanks for your support. I welcome any feedback or material to include. Will :-)

Markus - 01/28/99 15:24:47
My Email:bender@zmail.nw.schule.de
Really nice page! I don't have a 2CV but I drove a 1989 2CV and a 1975 Dyan several times, I like it a lot!!!

Carlo Anthonissen - 01/24/99 14:00:58
My Email:ERWIN.Mattheeussen@village.uunet.be
Car (If applicable): Acadyane voisin 4x4
eine ente is doch sneller als eine kefich

Fiona Chapman - 01/23/99 11:33:30
My Email:fiona@8vpr.swinternet.co.uk
Car (If applicable): Have a guess!
Just become the proud owner of my fourth 2CV. Always regret getting rid of them but get fed up with lack of starting on cold damp mornings and cant keep swearing in front of the children. Hoping to keep this one and restore. Any advice from anyone on the starter problem?? By the way, loved the site Will.

John Rowe - 12/28/98 17:34:32
Car (If applicable): 2CV & Dyane
I am John, we met at the international. I came up with a group of cars from Devon and Cornwall. Hope your big ends are not knocking and the rust is at bay!!!!!!!!!!

mikael flink - 12/16/98 22:34:15
Car (If applicable): 2cv 65
This is my first contact with other ovner of the same type of the car i love to ovn and drive,surley not the last.The articel was very nice...

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