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Ludo - 12/04/98 12:57:14
Car (If applicable): 2 cv, of course
Quite good and well made !!!

Charlotte Bird - 10/18/98 14:23:26
My Email:cha98crb@sheffield.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): 2cv of course
This page is the best I've seen so far.

Sam - 10/17/98 11:47:00
My Email:jphood@tenet.edu
Car (If applicable): 1981 Acadiane, 1984 2CV Special, 1985 2CV CLUB, 1986 2CV CHARLESTON(RHD), 1985 2CV

David Knetzer - 10/14/98 09:58:06
My Email:dknetzer@aol.com
Very nce site. I enjoyed the history portion.

Ed Koren - 10/02/98 20:55:01
My Email:EdKoren@aol.com
Car (If applicable): ZX 1.4i
"Why are you looking at those hideous cars?", my girlfriend asked me. Obviously does not know what she's talking about. Great site, brought back some childhood memories, on holiday in the bright green 2CV! Keep up the good work!!!

Jo Carlill - 09/06/98 16:26:14
My Email:jocarlill@btinternet.com
Car (If applicable): red Special 6 1985
hello - this is wonderful!! - I've just been whooping with joy at having found all this 2CV info on the internet. It's fab! Well, you know how it is , when you love your car but none of your friends can quite appreciate 2CV's in the same way... Now, this akes the internet worthwhile!! bye for now, Jo

Wim - 09/04/98 13:50:59
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/9224/ugly.jpg
My Email:lomax@hetnet.nl
Car (If applicable): Lomax Lambda 3
See this early 2CV prototype

Wim van den Bergh - 08/10/98 12:55:04
My URL:http://surf.to/patron
My Email:lomax@hetnet.nl
Car (If applicable): Patron 4
Great changes made and big improval. The history of the 2CV goes even further back than you think. See this picture: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/9224/ugly.jpg

Wim van den Bergh - 08/10/98 12:53:58
My URL:http://surf.to-patron
My Email:lomax@hetnet.nl
Car (If applicable): Patron 4
Great changes made and big improval. The history of the 2CV goes even further back than you think. See this picture: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Downs/9224/ugly.jpg

Joz - 07/31/98 15:37:36
My URL:http://www.fast.net.au/joz
My Email:n/a
Car (If applicable): n/a

Guillermo E.Weyland - 07/24/98 01:38:12
My Email:weyland@movi.com.ar
Car (If applicable): Eniak Antique/Renault18
hi Will, nice to visit you at the new neighbourhood. Had the pleaseure to exchange one ouf my first emails months ago with you and I'll be visiting your site frequently. All the best, Guillermo/Buenos Aires

Giles Booth - 07/20/98 21:53:27
My URL:http://www.rockets.demon.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2CV6 Dolly
Very nice site, kept me entertained for ages... but only TEN reasons to drive a 2CV???

Hans-Juergen Correns - 07/16/98 22:54:09
My URL:http://surf.to/duckfiles/
My Email:hjc@gmx.de
Car (If applicable): red 2CV6 (1990)
What a great page! I like the history of 2CV's before the 20th century. I think most people are not aware of the fact that 2CV's are on this earth since... since when, Will? I think I have heard about Adam and Eve driving in their 2CV.

Ian Watson - 07/15/98 13:11:24
My Email:idwatson@hotmail.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV Special
Hi Will...nice site...good to see the 2CV so well catered for. Mine's ten years old now but heading into the millennium still firing on both cylinders to become a 21st century CV. Cheers, Ian

fred risher - 07/13/98 01:04:03
My URL:http://web1.tusco.net/pawn/
My Email:pawn@tusco.net
Car (If applicable): 65 2cv
just purchased a 65 2cv with only 15000 miles on it. restoring to new condition. like your site, hope to get some help from it.

Douglas Chapman - 07/10/98 11:54:31
My Email:dchapman@netcomuk.co.uk
Car (If applicable): Merc
A super site - browsing it made me think that I should perhaps look out for a fun car too!! Are they easy to come by?

Will - 07/02/98 12:11:17
My URL:http://webspace.webring.com/people/cu/um_755/
My Email:w.j.rolt@ex.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): 2cv6
I will be away from uni until late September, so I will not be able to update this page as frequently as I normally do. Please keep your guestbook messages, pictures and tips coming in. Keep firing on two..:-)..Will

Niko Bloemendal - 06/15/98 21:40:28
My URL:http://www.surf.to/redalert
My Email:niko@tip.nl
Car (If applicable): 2CV6 called Red Alert
Great site, nice pictures, keep up the good work Will. I hope I'll see more in the future (how much more can you get?)

Ian and Paul. - 06/13/98 20:58:13
My URL:http://users.ox.ac.uk/~orie0197
My Email:orie0197@sable.ox.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): The Ruttmobile
Will, we enjoyed your site greatly, once we had managed to find it. Paul is visiting me at the moment, and particularly wanted to visit your site. Well that's about all, as neither of us have any interest whatsoever in 2CVs........ Ian. (and Paul agrees)

Tim Robson - 06/09/98 20:35:31
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Garage/5731
My Email:tim.robson@dial.pipex.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV6, Dyane
Hope the photos I sent were of some use to you - have you had a chance to stop by my web page yet (still in it's infancy). Yours is looking good. 2CVGB International Meeting - Worcester Rugby Club August Bank Holiday weekend ..... be there !!!!

Jan-Erik Janson - 06/07/98 06:23:13
My URL:http://user.tninet.se/~ame921k/Jke.htm
My Email:janke@mail.com
Car (If applicable): Volvo 940
I am locking around to buy a 2CV and found this site. Very complete and easy URL. Hope you be able to afford time to maintain this. /Jke

Drekje - 05/30/98 15:57:18
My Email:dboschker@tref.nl
Car (If applicable): 2CV6 (1981)
Last week we held the annual "How many sheep will fit into my 2CV" contest. I lost again. The winner was Mazyar Nowruz Nasseri. He won by 2 sheep. If you want to, I can send you pictures of the contest. p.s. Mazyar is looking for a new chassis. Please help.

will rolt - 05/29/98 11:22:08
My Email:willrolt@geocities.com
Car (If applicable): 2CV6
I hope you all like the new look for this page (and I hope the guestbook still works). Please let me know what you think. Thanks to everyone who has put in their message. I look forward to recieving more.

Nico van der Houwen - 05/29/98 09:41:11
My Email:Moerplant b.v.@kabelfoon.nl
Car (If applicable): 2cv
MOge will, hier een vericht uit Hoek van Holland van van de zomer de midzomer meeting weer plaats zal vinden. IK nico heb een 2cv '89 en een 2cv '57. De 57'er ben ik aan het retsaureren en ligt volledig uit elkaar. de onderkant is af en de nw motor is gep aats 12pk reviesie. Tot lezens

NIKOS VOYATZOPOULOS - 05/28/98 17:46:59
Car (If applicable): 2 CV 1986

James Bolton - 05/27/98 08:16:31
My Email:j1bolton@plymouth.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): 1986 2cv6 Spécial
Nifty Site!

Stephen Dionne - 05/24/98 21:35:31
My Email:terrydionne@msn.com
Car (If applicable): 2cv dolly
Good to see an enthusiast at large. My baby is slowly deteriorating. It needs another exhuast for a start. But i still love her. The average motor mechanic will not touch her so i say leave it to the specialists and those who really care. best wishes steve.

Linnie - 05/21/98 20:25:23
My Email:linnie@oaklandspark.demon.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2CV C-reg; red with silver doors!
Hello Will, it's nice to meet someone who likes 2CVs too!

David Bain - 05/19/98 21:18:46
My Email:dcbain@globalnet.co.uk
Car (If applicable): 2cv in preparation
Thanks for an interesting site. I'm in the middle of a ground-up rebuild of my 1987 2CV6 Special. Today's hot tip: If anyone out there is thinking of doing one, be sure to allow plenty of cash for the bits you didn't foresee that you would need ! ! !

Cindi Walker - 05/10/98 21:36:24
My Email:wahooadv@earthlink.net
Car (If applicable): 1970 Land Rover IIA, 88
I am picking up my 2CV in Canada asap, any words of wisdom?? I enjoyed your site and found some good information. What are your favorite 2CV sites/links? Would you mind e-mailing them to me. Thanks Cindi Walker

Cedric Baele - 05/06/98 15:28:27
My Email:CedricB@juno.com
Car (If applicable): none
Could you provide me some info where I could buy a 2CV near South Carolina.

Barefoot Bob - 05/06/98 04:46:39
My URL:http://www,nidlink.com/~bobhard
My Email:bobhard@nidlink.com
My first All New Car was a 1955 2CV, $995, that gave me daily service for 155,000 miles with only adjustment of valves, replacement of an outer U-joint and the speedometer cable.. I sold it for $500, and it went another 45,000 miles.. Truly one of the mec anical marvels of the world.. Love and Peace to all 2CV folks..Barefoot Bob

Bryan Eagle - 05/02/98 01:41:24
My URL:http://ww.m4.com
My Email:beagle@mindspring.com
Car (If applicable): 1985 2cv
I just bought this car yesterday and am looking for part and service providers for this car

Antolín Díaz Bueno - 04/16/98 15:26:40
My Email:antolinnet@bbvnet.com
Car (If applicable): AX, LN, DS, HY and two 2CV
Hello Will, good work. I like your 2cv very much. ¡Long life to it!.

Bernie Sullivan - 03/31/98 13:34:10
My Email:nfn10837@naples,net

Francis RAATZ - 03/29/98 20:07:43
My Email:Annelaure.RAATZ@wanadoo.fr
Car (If applicable): 2CV/XM
It's always a pleasure to enjoy an interesting and beautiful Citroen web site And it's marvellous to be the happy owner of a Charleston 2CV at the turn of the century (to speak frankly, the genuine owner of this car is my wife ....)

gilbert demassey - 03/29/98 02:12:44
My Email:feedback@pivot.net
love storie about citroen in particularabout 2cvit is the coolest ever producied its simplicity speeks for itself fun car to drive from 15 year to 99

Windell - 03/24/98 07:19:00
My Email:wins48@webtv.net
Car (If applicable): 61 2CV ?
Will explore your site more,GREAT so far. I have numbers from this 2cv ,and hope for some info some day. I hate rust!

David - 03/24/98 06:58:04
My Email:djrussel@ix.netcom.com
Car (If applicable): '86/'67 Charleston
I am about to become a 2CV owner, and will be bringing a nice Burgundy & Black one down from Oregon to California. Wish me luck.

Konni Hoferichter - 03/21/98 15:53:38
My Email:konni@mweb.co.za
Car (If applicable): 2CV '82
Greetings from South Africa. We have a small bunch of 2CV enthusiasts in SA. Hope to see others in Greece next year. Picking up a car in London. If you're ever in our country please look us up.

NEW! The Citroen Zone - 03/15/98 11:21:04
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~TheCitroenZone/
My Email:the-citroen-zone@usa.net
Good work will, keep on ducking! "New! The Citroën Zone" is about Citroëns, old and new. Available 2CV and Xsara, in preparation Berlingo and other models will follow...

j heard - 03/13/98 14:53:00
My Email:heard@cybrtyme.com
Car (If applicable): 2cv
love ducks,had one--looking

Mark Douthwaite - 02/22/98 17:23:11
My Email:mdouthwaite@bigfoot.com
Cool site Will. My Wife Debbie and I are currently without a 2cv, having previously owned two of them, however we have remained members of the 2cv Club of Great Britain and will shortly be looking for another 'Deux Chevaux' to replace our Ho**a C**ic !! eek! blasphemy !). Keep firing on 2. Best wishes. Mark and Debbie Douthwaite

Becky - 02/17/98 16:55:20
Car (If applicable): 1986 Dolly
Becky, Martyn and Cynthia say hello. One of us is a car. xxx

Andrew Percy - 02/12/98 18:30:38
My Email:hug358y@aol.com
Car (If applicable): 2cvspecial
Just to say I enjoy reading information about 2cv's.

raviv haik - 01/30/98 00:05:16
My Email:rcahuva@wis.weizmann.ac.il
Car (If applicable): 2cv 1979
WILL, good luck with this site ! hope u got at least 10,000 visitors before 1/1/1999.. personally - i think the site is 10+ in raviv 2cv scale ( 1-10 ) raviv haik israel

daniel pfenninger - 01/24/98 08:13:49
My Email:michelep@rccd.cc.ca.us
Car (If applicable): 1963 citroen 2cv
hi again, just a correction of my e-mail address, it should read: accuphile@mailexcite.com Or my second e-mail address is: michelep@rccd.cc.ca.us sorry I goofed with my e-mail address in my first message. Sincerely. daniel pfenninger

daniel usa - 01/24/98 07:32:56
My Email:accuphile@exitemail.com
Car (If applicable): 1963 citroen 2cv
hello, this is a great web page! I just received my 2cv that I shipped from Europe to port Hueneme California. It is a citroen 2cv that I owned back in the early 80s, when I lived in Switzerland. As soon as a photo is available I'll send it to you via e mail. My 2cv is back, a dream come true, thanks to my mom and dad. Greetings from warm California. Daniel Pfenninger

Neil Lawrence - 01/20/98 00:01:09
My URL:http://freespace.virgin.net/neil.lawrence/2cv.htm
My Email:neil.lawrence@virgin.net
Car (If applicable): n/a
Hey Will, I'll sign your guestbook (as long as you return the favour) Come over to my web page to learn all about 2CV racing in the UK

Will Rolt - 01/17/98 17:20:35
My URL:http://webspace.webring.com/people/cu/um_755/
My Email:w.j.rolt@ex.ac.uk
Car (If applicable): 1985 2cv6
First Message in the Guestbook. I hope it works..

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