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Links to pages for 2CV and derivatives.

Steve's 2CV Tuning Page has everything the 2CV driver needs to know to get that little bit more from his/her car.

Citroen Specials Club (Fast 2CVs, Kit cars, Lomax etc.)

"Citroen World" by Hans Tacq, including a vast list of Citroen links.

"Cit City" is definitely worth a visit.

Duintje's "Duck Page" in the Netherlands (in English and Dutch)

KWEK....HUH....KWEK You have to visit this site.

2CVGB Club Homepage (2CVGB is the UK's thriving 2CV owners club)

Citroen Comic Archives , full of what can only be described as Citroen humour.

Wim van den Bergh has a number of interesting pages, all interlinked, starting with his Kit Car Club.

Raviv Haik's page, the 2CV Club of Israel homepage is now underway, so pay it a visit, in Hebrew and English.


Links to other Citroen Pages.

The Citroen Enthusiast's homepage from Jeroen Cats in the Netherlands is one of my favourite sites, which every Citroen enthusiast should visit.

The Citroen Connection in Canada. Well worth a look. Bulletin board, chatroom, gallery etc.

The Citroen Zone, incorporating 2CV Zone.

Citroen Car Club (For Citroen and Panhard Enthusiasts)

The Official Citroen Corporate Web site. If you can find your way around this, it has some interesting information about new developments, as well as a bit of history.


Links to interesting non - Citroen pages.

The UK Trabant Owners' homepage

Microcars (BMW Isetta etc.) with pictures, links, and information.

Morris Car Club homepage.

Daniel's Mini page Including the Mini WWW Directory

The Electric Auto Association Homepage has plenty of information on Electric Cars

Amazon.Com is another online bookshop, from which I have selected some interestng titles in my "Bookstore" page.


Any Additional Sites to add to this list of links would be welcomed. For a directory of every known Citroen Site (almost) visit Hans Tacq's Citroen World, or Jeroen Cats homepage, an excellent page for every citroen enthusiast.

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