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1980 to 1989


A new special edition; the Charlston: Originally intended only as a limited run, the Charlston became very successful. It was based on the 2CV6 Club, and had the following features:

  • A distinctive paintwork pattern in two colours, with the wings, roof and rear quarter panels one colour and the rest or the car another. Large sweeping lines around the doors separated the two colours.
  • 3 different colour schemes. Initially delage (dark) red and black, the range was increased with yellow and black, and grey and black (actually two tone grey) options.
  • Black and white checked seats (later to become quilted grey seats).
  • From 1981, chrome plated headlamp bowls.


The end of rectangular headlamps. By popular demand, the circular headlamps are reintroduced, and in the words of Ernst van Altena in The Ugly Duckling, "..after all, ducks don't have square eyes."

The model line up was also revised in this year:

  • All 2CVs were given disc brakes at the front.
  • A new base model, the "special" was introduced. This was the same car, but with a slightly lower equipment level, and at a slightly lower price.
Another special edition was launched. Following the success of the James Bond film "For Your Eyes Only", a "007" 2CV in bright yellow, complete with "007" logo and stick on bullet holes was produced for a short time. 007 2CV


After 15 years the Dyane was dropped by Citroen. Ironically, this vehicle was intended to replace the 2CV.

The "Beachcomber" was introduced (The example pictured is a highly tuned example owned by Steve Barnes). Known as the "France 3" in France, this was  based on a white special, with sweeping blue stripes, similar to the lines of the charlston, and blue stripes along the roof.


Hello Dolly!

Another special edition! The Dolly is launched. This was a two colour variation on the 2CV6 special and became extremely popular up until 2CV production stopped. During its production the Dolly was available in a number of different colour combinations:

  • Red and Grey
  • Red and White
  • Green and White
  • Grey and White
  • Rhubarb and Custard
  • Plums and Custard
  • Grey and Custard
(Not actual colours, just to give an idea)


Citroen announced plans to stop production of the 2CV in France. This was met with public opposition, which kept the 2CV alive for another 4 years.

It was too late, however, for two vehicles; The Mehari and the Acadiane were both discontinued in this year.


Production of the 2CV moves to Portugul where an attempt is made to streamline its manufacture. These 2CVs were less well made than previous models, and unless well looked after, are often outlived by much older cars.

A final special edition is produced in this year; The Bamboo is a bright green special with chrome headlamp bowls, and "BAMBOO" transfers on doors and vent flap.

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