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1970 to 1979


Some major changes to the 2CV take place. The big 602cc unit previously only available in the Dyane and AMI became available in the 2CV. This gave it a power output of 33 b.h.p. and a maximum speed of 70 m.p.h.


The AMI Super becomes available alongside the AMI 8. This was based on the AMI 8, but with a four cylinder 1015cc aircooled engine, as fitted to the larger Citroen GS range.


In this year, the 2CV was given more powerful rectangular headlamps.

The 2CV is again available in the United Kingdom. This time, however, the cars were imported from France. The cars had the then new "N" registration, and cost around 800 UK pounds.  


The AMI Super was stopped in this year, although the AMI 8 continued.


This year saw the introduction of the 2CV SPOT (SPecial Orange Tenere). This was one of the first "special editions" of any car, and was essentially a standard 2CV4 with the following features:

  • Bright orange and white paintwork, and "SPOT" logo.
  • Orange roof with an orange and white striped sunblind (could be pulled accross when the roof was open).
  • Orange interior and upholstery.


This year meant the end of two very successful models: The AMI 8 and the famous 250, 350 and 400 range of commercial vehicles. The vans had proven very popular, both for business, and recreation, but all was not lost; they were replaced by the more modern Acadiane,  based on the Dyane, which offered a longer wheelbase and a larger payload.


The 2CV4 was discontinued in this year, and all 2CVs were fitted with the bigger 602cc engine. 1979 also saw the introduction of a new variation on the Mehari; the Mehari 4X4. Unlike the 2CV Sahara of the late 1950, this was of more conventional design:

  • Single 602cc engine, mounted in the conventional location.
  • Gearbox with low ratio transfer box and lockable differentials.
  • Disc brakes...front and rear. 
  • Comprehensive instrument panel.
  • Spare wheel mounted on specially adapted bonnet.
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