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1940 to 1949 

1940 - 1947

During World War 2, development of the T.P.V. is rumoured to have continued. This was carried out in secret, competing with Porsche and Hitler's "people's car", which was to become the Volkswagen Beetle.


On October 7th, the 2 CV was unveiled at the 35th Salon d'Automobile, in France. The car attracted great interest amongst the public and motoring press, both in France, and across Europe. The 2CV was not yet for sale, however, and what was beneath the bonnet was to remain a mystery for some time. 
The 1948 car was a considerable improvement over the 1939 prototype, and undoubtedly more successful than earlier models would have been. The design was remarkably similar to those produced in the early 1990s, and was to remain virtually unchanged for over 40 years. 


The first 2cvs came onto the market, and met instant demand. Boulanger and Citroen had predicted this, and the famous waiting list had been set up, giving priority to those considered most in need of the car, such as farmers and doctors. The first 2CVs came in one colour: grey, and it was some time before others were available.

1948 2cv
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