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Beyond 2000

As the tenth anniversary of the last 2CV manufactured approaches, what can we expect in the future?

The many owners clubs will, no doubt, continue for a great many years, as long as enthusiasts for this car remain. Technical support and parts should also be available with many different sources of original, and increasingly, remanufactured parts. With continued care and enthusiasm from us, the owners, this piece of motoring history should live on for many years. (The Austin Seven has not been made since the 1930s, yet has one of the most enthusiastic followings of any classic car, over half a century later. Why not the 2CV?)

A new generation 2CV?

Many different designs have been put forward as possible replacements for the 2CV. Some by Citroen, some by individual designers, and some by other manufacturers. The Chrysler CCV (right) is an example of this, and its name, and resemblance to the original is surely no accident. Chrysler CCV

There is speculation that Citroen will follow Volkswagen, who launched a new Beetle last year, and produce a new 2CV. The latest development is the C3 concept car, unveilled at the 1998 Paris Motor Show. Described as a "Compact 4 Seater", it is fitted with a 1.6 litre engine, has a flat floor, into which seats can be "slotted", and is a generous 1.6m in height.

The most 2cv-esque offering currently available from Citroen is the fantastic "Multispace". Based on the Berlingo, this is an innovative 5 seater, with a very tall hatchback boot, and a truly vast canvas roof (a la 2CV!). Renault have even produced their own rival, the "Kangoo", harking back to the 2CV/R4 days.


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