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2CV Buyer's Guide (Part 3)
Where to find the car you want.

Main Dealer Showroom

As the last new 2CV was produced in the early 1990s, it is very unlikely that you will find any 2CVs for sale in a dealer showroom. However, the odd 2CV may be taken in part exchange, or as an MOT Failure, so it may be worth asking. If you're lucky, a member of showroom staff might be an enthusiast, and give you some buying advice. While you're in there, have a look at the Berlingo Multispace.

Garage Forecourt

Ironically, you're more likely to find a 2CV at a non-Citroen showroom. Beware of paying a high price for a shiny car with a rotten chassis! The chances are you're being sold the car by someone who doesn't really understand it. Take someone who does with you.
2CVs are often picked up cheaply at auction, or even "thrown in" with another car, having been taken in part exchange. You may pay a lot more for a good polish and 12 months MOT.


If you have trade contacts, or feel brave, you may find the odd 2CV at a car, or, better, a "classic car" auction. These are often "trade" affairs, but if you know what you're doing, it's worth a try. Have a good look at the car first, and decide on (and stick to!) a maximim. As with private buying, cars are sold "as seen", so buyer beware!

Classified Ads

One of the best places for finding cars from private sellers. Browse through free local newspapers, or, for a wider choice, publications such as "Free Ads", "Autotrader" or "Exchange and Mart". Always check whether the seller is private, or trade, look at the car, and if you don't find the car you want, there will be another free paper next week.
Have a look at some online classifieds, such as Autotrader Online.

2CV Specialist

An independant specialist will often have a range of good used and restored cars, and may even be able to "build" or restore a car to your exact specification. "Restored" cars will often have been fitted with a replacement chassis as a matter of course. Find out about specialists in your area, and talk to people who have used them. Don't expect to pick up a good car for next to nothing, but find a solid, well serviced example.

Specialist/Club Publication

Joining a club is highly recommended. Clubs, such as 2CVGB, are run by a team of dedicated voulnteers, and provide an opportunity to exchange information and help, as well as to buy and sell cars. Most car clubs will run a classified ads service, but, of course, buyer beware! Remember though, that such clubs are not provided as a free public service. Join up, and discover what it has to offer.

Specialist publications, such as classic car magazines, or Planet 2CV/Citropolis magazine will also provide buying advice, and an advertising service. Remember that these are often national, or international publications. You'll have a world of opportunity, but you may have the world to travel.

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