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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

From The "Avon Advertiser", September 19th 1996

Will Rolt of Salisbury tells us about his
Citroen 2CV6

Don't be fooled by notions that the Citroen 2CV drives like a snail just because it looks like one.

According to Will Rolt of Salisbury his car's performance is "fairly impressive once speed is built up" though he concedes you do have to use the gears a lot to get the best out of the 602cc aircooled engine.
His sky blue coloured 2CV6 has covered 99,600 miles since it was made in 1985 and returns between 40 and 50 miles per gallon.
Reliability is good if looked after," says Will. "The engine is 100 per cent reliable and has never let me down."
"The handling is sure footed with good brakes and accurate steering. But there's spectacular body roll - an aquired taste," says Will.
The ride is smooth however, and the 2CV has safe and predictable roadholding. He has compiled a long list of the things he likes about the car - its very smooth ride and soft springing, the fact there's loads of space inside, the roll back roof which lets in the sun, the fact the 2CV is cheap to run, great fun to drive and is of simple design. And of course the fact that it has such an eccentric appearance.
The looks and reputation of the thing, however, is also one of its drawbacks. One of Will's biggest dislikes is the attitude of some other drivers. Plus the fact that rust will take a firm hold if the car isn't properly looked after.
Still, all in all it's a great car worth a score of nine out of 10, Will reckons.
And given the money, he'd either choose a replacement 2CV or another eccentric French creation from Citroen, a classic DS.

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