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Welcome!  If you've made it to this page, you probably already
know what you're going to find here: TPM erotic fiction by me,
Alex Duvall.  This includes eroticism of both the het and slash
varieties, so if that isn't what you're looking for, get out now,
before it's too late!   If you stay and read, I thank you kindly in
advance, and do please take a moment to drop me an e-mail or
sign the guestbook to let me know what you think.   Grazie!

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Another Night Only (Q/f, O/f, Q/O, NC-17)
A woman participates in a Jedi mating ritual

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Bringing It Home (Q/f, NC-17)
Qui-Gon comes back from a long journey, and receives exactly the homecoming gift he needs.

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The Worst Kind of Insolence (Q/f, Q/O, NC-17) - coming soon!
Qui-Gon strays and Obi-Wan pays the price

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Alexandra's Guestbook

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