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Season Four

Herrenvolk 4X01

      Scully and Mulder go up against an invincible alien assassin to protect a traitor to the conspiracy who can lead them to the truth...and save the life of Mulder's mother.

Unruhe 4X02

      Mulder's only hope of stopping a psychotic killer are psychic photographs that reveal the madman's darkest fantasies.

Home 4X03

      An investigation into infanticide in an idyllic small town leads Mulder and Scully to an even more appalling discovery: a family deformed by inbreeding into a feral, murderous clan.

Teliko 4X04

      Mulder and Scully combine folklore and science to solve the mysterious disappearances of african american men.

The Field Where I Died 4X05

      An investigation into a religious cult takes Mulder on his strangest journey ever...through his past lives.

Sanguinarium 4X06

      A series of mysterious deaths which plague a cosmetic surgery clinic lead Mulder to believe it may not be human error, but human sacrifice.

Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man 4X07

      Frohike pieces together what could be the secrets behind the mysterious cigarette-smoking man's past. His speculation could cost him his life.

Paper Hearts 4X08

      Mulder has haunting dreams that lead him to question what really happened to his sister.

Tunguska 4X09

      Scully risks contempt of congress when she refuses to divulge Mulder's whereabouts to a senate subcommittee.

Terma 4X10

      A Russian assassin is brought out of retirement to erase all links to American experiments involving the mysterious "Black Cancer".

El Mundo Gira 4X11

      Mulder and Scully follow a trail of bodies left behind by what could be the legendary Chupacabra.

Kaddish 4X12

      Mulder suspects that a golem, a man-made monster described in Jewish folklore, may be responsible for the deaths of several hate-mongers who murdered a Jewish man.

Never Again 4X13

      While Mulder is vacationing, Scully finds herself attracted to a handsome divorcee whose betty page-like tattoo seemingly has a mind of its own.

Leonard Betts 4X14

      A headless corpse walks out of a hospital morgue triggering the search for a highly evolved humanoid life form that possesses unimaginable regenerative powers.

Memento Mori 4X15

      When Scully is diagnosed with cancer, Mulder hunts for research files pertaining to a group of female abductees who also contracted the disease.

Unrequited 4X16

      A seemingly invisible vietnam vet begins killing the military's top brass.

Tempus Fugit 4X17

      The agents investigate the apparent downing of a commercial jetliner by a UFO.

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