Season One

Pilot 1X79

      FBI Agent Dana Scully is paired with maverick agent Fox Mulder, who has made it his life's work to explore unexplained phenomena. The two are dispatched to investigate the mysterious deaths of a number of high school classmates.

Deep Throat 1X01

      Acting on a trip from an inside source (Deep Throat), Mulder and Scully travel to Idaho to investigate unusual disappearances of army test pilots.

Squeeze 1X02

      Mulder and Scully try to stop a mutant killer, Eugene Tooms, who can gain access through even the smallest spaces and awakens from hibernation every 30 years to commit murder.

Conduit 1X03

      A teenage girl is abducted by aliens, compelling Mulder to confront his feelings about his own sister's disappearance.

The Jersey Devil 1X04

      Scully and Mulder investigate murders thought to be the work of the legendary manbeast living in the New Jersey woods.

Shadows 1X05

      Mulder and Scully investigate unusual murders committed by an unseen force protecting a young woman.

Ghost In The Machine 1X06

      A computer with artificial intelligence begins killing in order to preserve its existence.

Ice 1X07

      Mulder and Scully and a small party in the Arctic are trapped after the unexplained deaths of a research team on assignment there.

Space 1X08

      A mysterious force is sabotaging the United States' space shuttle program and Scully and Mulder must stop it before the next launch.

Fallen Angel 1X09

      Scully and Mulder investigate a possible UFO crash site, which Mulder believes the government is covering up.

Eve 1X10

      Two bizarre, identical murders occur simultaneously on differen coasts, each involving a strange young girl.

Fire 1X11

      Mulder and Scully encounter an assassin who can start fires with the touch of his hand.

Beyond The Sea 1X12

      Scully and Mulder seek the aid of a death-row inmate, Luther Lee Boggs, who claims to have psychic abilities, to help them stop a killer who's on the loose.

Genderbender 1X13

      Scully and Mulder seek answers to a bizarre series of murders committed by one person who kills as both a male and a female.

Lazarus 1X14

      When an FBI agent and a bank robber are both shot during a bank heist, the robber is killed but the agent begins to take on the criminal's persona.

Young At Heart 1X15

      Mulder finds that a criminal he put away who was supposed to have died in prison has returned, taunting him as he commits a new spree of crimes.

E.B.E 1X16

      Scully and Mulder discover evidence of a government cover-up when they learn that a UFO shot down in Iraq has been secretly transported to the U.S.

Miracle Man 1X17

      The agents investigate a young faith healer who seems to use his powers for both good and evil.

Shapes 1X18

      Mulder and Scully travel to an Indian reservation to examine deaths caused by a beastlike creature.

Darkness Falls 1X19

      Mulder and Scully are called in when loggers in a remote Pacific Northwest forest mysteriously disappear.

Tooms 1X20

      Mulder becomes personally involved when Eugene Tooms, the serial killer who extracts and eats human livers, is released from prison.

Born Again 1X21

      A series of murders is linked to a little girl who may be the reincarnated spirit of a murdered policeman.

Roland 1X22

      Mulder and Scully investigate the murder of two rocket scientists apparently linked to a retarded janitor.

The Erlenmeyer Flask 1X23

      Working on a tip from Deep Throat, Mulder and Scully discover that the government has been testing alien DNA on humans with disastrous results.

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