Great Sites

TUCOWS - The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software 
Newest Browsers, Plug-Ins, Compression Utilities, Java & HTML, IRC-Software and more. 

The Site 
NBC's "The Site". Information about the show, internet-news, shareware, ... 

NBC Super Channel / NBC Europe 
Information about the shows and stars. 

Euro TV 
TV schedules for every European TV channel. 

The Clio Awards 
Advertising excellence worldwide


All Games Network 
Everything about 3Dfx (info, patches, tips), patches, downloadable demos and hot news about upcoming games. Also features daily updated sites about Quake, Interstate 76, MDK, Unreal, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, Dark Forces 2 and Cheats. 

Voodoo Extreme
Daily updates on 3D accelerated cards, games and new technologies.

Game Station 
Patches, cheats, game pre-&reviews


Writing HTML 
This tutorial covers the steps for writing HTML files and provides illustrative examples for creating web pages. There are also some good links to more advanced stuff (like tables, forms, frames, image maps, Java, JavaScript). 

Web Pages That Suck 
This tutorial teaches you to create better web pages by showing you bad web pages. Great stuff for beginners and advanced web designers. 


RealAudio 3.0 Showcase 
Download & Links to other sites featuring RealAudio sound. 

Sony Music: RealAudio 3.0 
Listen to the newest Sony Music releases.

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