The other popular belief is a combination of the first two I mentioned. It is that the "UFOs" are originally from aliens, or still are, but the government knows about. Remember Roswell? Well, perhaps this is the most popular belief, made even more popular by the show The X-Files. The government knows about alien visitors but refuses to let the public know for fear of mass panic, or perhaps some other reason.

It's interesting if you look at these popular beliefs as they are and think about the reasons why they are popular. Aliens? Despite many false and questionably accurate accounts of seeing and/or being abducted by aliens, if you think about it, doesn't reasoning tell you that it's a little far-fetched? (far-fetched not impossible!) Well, what about the government? Does our society critisize our government to the point of associating them with aliens most of us only hear about from specials on TV with psychics and hypnotists? Although Roswell does undoubtedly prove that the government isn't entirely innocent of giving the public the information on everything they do. But that's not really expected is it?

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