I'm going to skip likely for now, and go to popular beliefs concerning the existance of "UFOs" Well, I think upon close inspection, or actually just a glimpse at the market of today's youth, we can clearly see probably three popular explanations. I know we all have our own ideas about it, but I'm talking about looking at all the products like shirts, keychains, stickers, etc. that bear the faces of little aliens or little flying saucers. Whether or not the majority of today's youth begins to believe that aliens inhabit "UFOs" because of the products made, or if companies feed on today's youth's fascination with this belief is unclear, but either way, one main popular belief is that aliens are the truth behind "UFOs"

A second popular belief, probably the least popular of the three most popular which I will mention, is that there are no aliens, or at least they aren't here visiting in the "UFOs", and that the secret behind the "UFOs" lies within government testing going back to secret experiments during the early Cold War both the US and Russia conducted on new types of aircraft, weapons, and inventions of famous scientists such as Nikola Tesla.

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