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Slowing Fan Gives Hope For Time Travel

This is a new experimental section of The Unknown, called Omen of the Week, every week I'll will interpret and omen and reveal an inner meaning to share with you all.

First of all I'd like to apologize for not having an omen for last week, but I was gone and had no access to a computer. Anyway, this's week's title as all of these omens' titles, may seem a little strange at first But believe me, somehow, there's a good explanation behind it. This one also comes from a friend of mine, who was sitting around the house one day pondering our society's technological advances when she noticed the fan to be slowing down. No one had turned it off, nor was there anything wrong with it, leading to speculation that....could this be an omen?

Well let's think, what might it mean? I think it's obvious that the slowing down of the fan had some relation to time. Time slowing down. Time changing speed. What was she thinking about? That's right, the fan slowing down symbolized the time slowing down in the future, and that's a good thing, because it probably means the secrets of time travel are in the future. Of course supernatural sources that create omens (a subject which may come back in another section of The Unknown), probably don't go my ordinary time measurements, so the future to them is probably farther off than we optimists might think at first. But nevertheless, it is a sign!

Do you have an odd occurance, perhaps an omen, which you feel means something worth bringing attention to? Email me!


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