The Unknown's Mailing List

The Unknown has a new mailing list, the kind that messages are posted on all members of the lists e-mails. In case your not familiar with this kind of thing, it works like this: Someone on a the mailing list posts a message by sending an e-mail to certain address, then everyone on the list recieves that message.

To join, send an e-mail to me, and type "subscribe [your e-mail address]" in the subject. Then when you recieve a confirmation e-mail, you can start posting messages by sending them to Recieved messages from the list will say it's from Ian Medhurst (me). To unsunscribe, e-mail me, and write "unsubscribe [your e-mail address]" in the subject.

Note:Right now this is an unmoderated list, so you can post what you want, but repeated postings or the same thing, any flaming, any promotion of a product, or anything else annoying that we don't care about, will get you removed from the mailing list.

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