Hello, greetings this is a report from I. Medhurst with help from colleague W. Hoefle. We present to you this report stating a theory of logic explaining the possible existance of "aliens" although according to our theory I don't believe they are entirely alien to us.

The outline of our theory suggests that "aliens" are not foreign beings of other planetary existance, but rather historians of the future. Imagine a long time from now, after possible plagues, wars, ice ages, and regrowth, the metamorphosized evolution of humans. What might they look like. Well, perhaps after pollution and smog from volcanoes has created a layer of filth in our atmosphere they need to adapt to see better, and eventually grow larger more adequate eyes. Secondly imagine that to save ourselves from the glaciers and harsh world above, we go below and create a subterranean existance. The enclosed space of an environment causes evolution to make us smaller, more compact. Well, now what does that sound like?

Now saying, just in theory, that after eons of recovering from disaster after disaster, we do create a modernized technological world when times are better, and on our courageous advances we discover time travel. Now, in this time of technological advance, what is a good way to learn things? Perhaps from the past. Well, we have time travel, maybe we can go back and see what it was like hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Far-fetched? Definately. A possibility? Everythings a possibility. You decide if you like this idea of the supposed "aliens" just being travelers from our distant future.

1997 (it's my idea)

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