"Head Wound"

Yvonne Smith, Certified Hypnotherapist
Transcript #551
Subject: Steve Neill

YS: OK, Steve, we're going to be leaving these mountains for just a little while. Knowing that you can always go back there. It's always there. It's very, very special. And now we're going to be taking a very short trip back in time. To explore a memory or a possible experience that you may have had. As we leave now, the present time, of January 19th, 1994, you allow yourself now to begin to drift back in time. Very gently, very slowly, to Saturday night, December 18th, 1993. Gently drift back to that night. That night, December 18th, 1993. As you left the wedding and you went back home. And as you describe now what you did on that night. As you speak verbally, the deeper asleep you will become.

SN: Well, I'm just getting in the house. And, uh, (name) lets me in.

YS: What time is it, Steve?

SN: I don't see a clock. I don't think I'm really paying attention to the time. It's about a little after 12, I think. The, uh, channel 36 is still on. I guess they fell asleep listening to the radio program. (Name) goes to bed, and (name) sort of wakes up, and I, uh, try to tell her about the wedding. Talked about the ceremony. But she's not really paying attention. She's really out. I could hardly keep her awake. I don't exactly remember what I do after that. I know that I get the bed ready, the bedroom ready, and I put her to bed. I know (name)'s gonna be calling me on the way home, so I want to get her to bed and get the phone in the other room, my shop, so the phone doesn't wake her up when it rings. And I put her to bed, and put a movie on for her, on the video. And we talk a little bit more about the evening, but she drifts off. The sound is real loud in the house. The old favorite sound. I go to the shop, which is what I always do. Close the door, and uh, (name) calls. I think it's after 1 o'clock. I'm sitting in my big tall chair talking to (name) on the phone. And we talk all the way 'til she gets home. I remember her telling me that they were walking in the house, attending to her dogs and stuff. And we had a really good conversation. Really good time ... After that, I just kind of sit in the shop for a while. And I look at some of my things I've been working on. Thinking about what I'm gonna do next, but the minute I start thinking that, I keep thinking of more reasons to stay awake. I feel really good but just, like everything's just OK, and (unheard) having a good time And I close up the shop It' s afttr 2 now. Lock the hop door end turn off the fireplace. Check the back door make sure it’s locked. Check all the animals and male sure they are in. And I come into the bedroom. The TV is still on. (Name)'s sound asleep. I turn everything off and go to bed myself. I'm just laying there and looking around the room, like I always do. Kind of wondering. I always wonder. Pull the covers up close over, over my chin. Very tired, and dismally trying to tell myself that if anything happens I will remember it. I will remember it - Mmm ... Thought I heard something.

YS. What did you hear?

SN: Like the house shook, or something. Like a sonic boom, or something ... I'm seeing light. Seeing light through my eyelids. My eyes are closed but I'm seeing, I'm seeing light through them. Like it's moving around. I hear somebody talking about me.

YS: What are they saying?

SN: Someone's talking to someone else. I feel the covers coming off. My eyes are still closed. I don't know why I don’t open (unheard). Pull the covers off and I feel cold. It's like two people talking to each other. But I can't, I can't make out what they're saying. Something about moving me. There's some, there's some difference of opinion of something. About where they should bring me. Somebody's got a very cold touch. My eyes are opened just a crack. There's someone right there. Right there, looking at me.

YS: How close?

SN: Inches away. He's, he's tryin' to figure out if I'm awake or not. I hear him say, or think, "He's awake, barely." I'm not, they're pulling me. I feel like a. like I'm weighing so much. So heavy. Like I'm limp. My head kind of snaps back. So weird. Hand on my back. Hand on my arm. They want me to move. He's saying to me, "Come on, move. Come on.

YS: Can you see what they look like?

SN: Yes.

YS. What do they look like?

SN: The usual. The small one's. Although they seem really big because the head’s so close to me. I think they look the same. They don't look menacing or threatening in any way. Almost like like cute little creatures. Inquisitive and very full of self-importance. It’s very important to them that they do this right. Whatever it is. I know that my hand is asleep, my arm's asleep. It's numb. Can't feel my fingers. I don't know why. They got me sitting up in bed and they're trying to get me out of bed. This is different somehow, because, ya know, other times they just lift me out so easily. It's very hard to understand. I'm confused for a second as to whether I was waking up to go to the bathroom. and I was standing there, trying to get my balance. But I know that it's not what it is because these guys are here. We walk down the hallway. We're walking down the hallway. There's two of them. I can see the kitchen. And there's bright light coming through the kitchen sliding door. There's curtains, the curtains are hanging. There's air blowing the curtains back. The sliding door is open. The plant room’s really lit up. It's cold. The air coming in is cold. We, we walk. I think we walk to the curtain. I think it gets pushed aside. Or maybe it rubs against me. And it gets pushed aside. I can see the color of it because the light is backlighting it. and it's kind of purply. But it's the color of the fabric. We go into the plant room. The light's really bright in the back yard. We're outside. We' re outside. I don't think we opened the door. Things are real, not very in focus. It's hard to see. I feel like I'm sedated. We're standing outside on the concrete, the walkway, by the tree. And I look up to see where the light's coming from. But I know where it's coming from. It just all seems so familiar. Started to feel really shaky. And I don't like this feeling. Wish I could be calmer. But I think part of it's just that it's cold, and I'm just in my underpants, and my T-shirt. It's cold. Oh. I don't feel so heavy anymore. Oh, this part feels kind of good. I'm just cold, though. Oh, I feel cold. Oh, that light's bright when I look up at it. Just a bright light in the sky. It's solid. Doesn't move. Right past the tree. Right past the tree. I could touch it. Oh ... Oh… Oh ...

YS: Are you still standing there?

SN: No, we've, we've gone up. We' re up high. We go right into this light. I think we enter a doorway. I don't feel so cold. We're inside. We’re not inside where I thought we'd be. This is different. This is really different

YS: Can you describe it?

SN: Yeah- Looks like a hospital. I’ve seen this corridor before. Smooth, polished floor. White walls. Looks like fluorescent lights mounted on the ceiling. Plastic grids or something. This is not where I thought we'd be. Two of the little ones are with me. I have to go to the bathroom so bad. I wish this wouldn't happen.

YS: Just take a deep breath

SN: They're moving me to a doorway on the left. Oh, God. Darn. Oh.

YS: (Unheard)

SN: Yes. I'm in some sort of doctor's office, room. It looks like an operating room.

YS: Can you describe what you see In there?

SN: Looks like an operating room. Looks like a human operating room. It's a metal table, instruments. I don't believe I'm seeing this. This is like their place. There’s a light, examination light. I've seen these kind. Oh, I can't get past my bladder. It's hurting so bad. Damn it.

YS: Try to focus on the experience. The (unheard) bladder is trying to distract you.

SN: I know. It just hurts so bad.

YS: Try to focus on what you re seeing.

SN: They're tryin' to put me on the table. They put me on the table, butt first, and they push me down. I'm trying to resist. I'm scared 'cause I don't like this room. It's not like other rooms I've been in. I hear voices speaking. That's not theirs. They're trying to push me down. One of them's got my T-shirt. And he starts pulling it up, and it, and it, he pull It up so hard my arms automatically go up, like they're limp. It pulls off. Oh. The other one Pulls my underpants off. This reminds me of being at the doctor's for surgery. They're pulling my arm out. And they're putting like straps on my wrists. Oh

YS: You can feel the straps on your wrists?

SN Yes. Something around my feet. Like one big one? Oh. oh my bladder hurts so bad.

YS: And how many are there with you?

SN: They're leaving me. The little ones, I think they're leaving me. One checks me to make sure I'm secure. Oh, I've got to go to the bathroom.

YS: You've got to go now?

SN: Oh yeah. It is just so painful.

YS: You re going to be able to get up

SN: I haven't felt it like this in a long time.

YS: You're going to be able to get up, open your eyes, and without awakening from your hypnotic state, and carefully go to the bathroom. And come back and resume your experience. (Subject goes to bathroom) Ok, (name), take a deep breath, now. Knowing now that you're safe. And you're exploring. You felt yourself now on the table, and they're leaving you.

SN: This table, it's stainless steel. Kind of raised lip around it. I can see that when they're bringing me in. I've seen this kind of table before. They' re putting me on the table. I can hear people talking about me. Mmm. I guess it's a little cold in here. Mmm. I know there's people in the room. I don't see them. The room's not dim or anything, It's kind of evenly lit. I heard somebody, something dropped or crashed. I have a really hard time believing what I'm seeing.

YS: Just describe everything you’re seeing, experiencing.

SN: It's, it's just, it's - It's, oh. There’s a man standing to my right, talking, talking.

YS: What does the man look like?

SN: He's talking to one of them. I think I've seen him before. He's. uh, well, he's wearing a white smock. He's got an ID badge on his pocket.

YS Can you read what the ID badge says?

SN: No, it’s to my. . . He' s tending to my side. I can just see it. I think there's a picture on it. He sees me look at him. He’s, he’s dark haired, but he's balding. Mustache. Dark mustache. I don’t like him. I just don’t like that he’s here. I don't like that they're here. I don't like this. (Unheard). This is not right. He's talking to this being. I don't, I don't hear the beings, in back. I can see how much shorter the being is in contrast to him. Ow! Something jabbed me in my arm.

YS: What part of your arm?

SN: My upper shoulder. My left shoulder.

YS: Your left shoulder?

SN: Mm-hmm.

YS: Can you see what it was that was used?

SN: No, when I looked to see what happened, someone was just walking away. Oh, oh! Oh, that feeling.

YS: How do you feel?

SN: Almost kind of good.

YS: (Unheard)

SN: But I hear voices. Things are kind of spinning. I can't focus. I feel ... I see like images, people images. None of this makes any sense. Of them looking at me, in darkness. Like through water or something. And the chatter. Chatter of voices. Although I can't distinguish anything. It's just muddle. I'm aware of people. I'm aware of people pushing at me. Touching me. My eyes are open a bit now. I feel like I've been asleep for awhile or something. I still feel real drugged. Then someone's shining like a little penlight in my eye, or something. And there's someone standing real close, in my face again, saying something about, "He's awake. He's awake." I'm aware of two other people standing over me. They're tall, and they're wearing like blue outfits, They're doctors. They have masks across their face, and they've got caps on.

YS: They look human?

SN: They're human. At least they look. human. The little one says something to them. I think they have an air sound. The sound I described before. It's like a hiss. I'm just aware that there's something in my nose.

YS: What is -

SN: He put something in my nose. I don't know. It's like a tube. I think that's the noise. Like oxygen going in my nose. I feel like I'm waking up. One of the doctors has glasses on. They're not wire-rimmed. They're black. He's got something in his hand.

YS: Can you see what's in his hand?

SN: It's like a little metal ball, in the being's hand. The doctor has some long thin instrument. Like a butter knife, or something. Looks like metallic. One grabbed my head. Because I'm moving around too much for him. He's saying, "Hold his head. Hold his head." Pushing the metal (unheard) to the right. And strapping my head down. Putting something around my head. Oh God, this is -

YS: What's he putting around your head?

SN: Feels like a leather strap or something. Something that they can tighten down. Makes it very hard for me to move. The doctor touches this metal thing to my head. It feels really cold. It feels really cold. Oh. I can't see anything, He's blocking all the light.

YS: Do you feel pain?

SN: It hurts. But it's like - . It's like if someone took a piece of dry ice and stuck it on your head, and just left it there, left it there. It's so numb, it hurts. It makes my skull ache. It's like it's burning, but I know it's not burning. I don't like this.

YS: Do you still have that feeling in your head?

SN: Yes. I can't move. He's saying something to somebody. I can't make it out. He just keeps holding it there. Oh, it hurts. I keep wondering when he's going to take it away. He's going to take it away any minute, I know it. It just keeps sitting there.

'(S Is he the only one touching you;

SN I don't know. I think someone has my arm. I don't know why. I can't move my wrist. I feel like it's trying to comfort me. All I can think of at the time is, "How can you let them do this to me? How can you let them touch me?" Ow! God. He hasn't moved that thing. I can't feel anything in my forehead. Although it felt like, like a little part of my skin came with it. It's numb and feels cold and it hurts. I tried to catch what that was. They said something and I just can't make it out. I want to know what they're doing.

YS: Can you move your head?

SN: No. They're loosening the strap, and they're moving my head from the right side, to straight up, and straight up. The doctor's looking at it, touching it and saying, "That's good. Now, that's good." And he says something to this, I guess it's the taller one, on my left. It's got these metal, it's got something in its hand. It's hard to describe it. It's palm-sized, little smaller. It's round, highly polished chrome ball. In a circle. It's attached to some kind of plate, (unheard) plate. I can't see the rest of it 'cause he's palming it. In the center it's, it's dark. But there's a protrusion. There's - . For some reason, I get the feeling that the protrusion, it's narrow and it's turned, like it turns. I can see a little movement in it. I know he's gonna put it on my head. It's like, this is the part of this that he's supposed to do. I can feel the pressure of it sitting on my head. He’s very careful about the way he places it.

YS: Where does he place it on your head?

SN: On the same spot. Same spot. It still feels pretty cold. I mean, it feels cold. My bone feels frozen. My skull. I hear a sound. A whirling sound. Oh!

YS: What's happening?

SN: Oh! Oh!

YS: Describe what's happening, Steve...

SN: Something's going in!

YS: In that spot?

SN: Yeah ! Oh

YS: Take some deep breaths, Steve. Just exploring, you're doing fine,

SN: Oh, it feels so. . . (Moans) Somebody's got my arm. One's putting his hand on. Might be the one standing over me on my head. Saying it won't hurt me. but it hurts! Owe! Maybe it's the idea. Damn, it hurts. They've got something in my skull. In my brain, I think. Damn! Damn, it hurts! Hurts. I've gotta stop thinking, I've gotta put my mind somewhere. Damn it hurts.

YS: Is he still holding it on?

SN: Yes! He's saying it's not supposed to hurt. He's got his hand on me. I think it's - - He's telling me I gotta let go. I gotta relax.

YS: (Unheard)

SN: It'll be over in a minute.

YS: (Unheard) pain and discomfort. Just record everything that happens.

SN: It's stuck in my head. I get the feeling that they're putting something in. Oh! Oh! It's there for so long! I tried to - . He's telling the doctor something. The doctor's saying something to him. "We've got to get that out pretty soon. Ow! Oh, it still hurts. It retracted. I felt something retract. It's funny, I didn't notice this before, but the balls, before when they touched my head, were cold, now they're warm. Oh God, this thing hurts. He's takin' it off. He's saying, "See, that wasn't so bad." I don't' know why he's saying that. It was horrible. It was like having someone put a cork screw in your head. A very fine one. I try to look at the thing as it's pulled away. I don't see anything. It's like, it just looks the same. I don't see any blood. He moves it away very fast.

YS: It's got blood on it?

SN: No, I don't see any blood. Oh, my neck. My neck's so stiff. Oh! Oh! Oh, they release the strap on my head. One of the doctors is dabbing my head, with a cotton something. Antiseptic. I smell it. Oh.

YS: Can you smell the antiseptic'?

SN: Oh, I can smell it. He's rubbing the spot. He's concerned that it marked pretty bad. He's a little irritated that it marked so bad. I don't think he wants it to show. He keeps dabbing it over and over again. When he pulls it away, I can see a little, I see reddish, pale red, and a lot of yellow. Pink and yellow. It's gross. And he takes another swab and rubs it some more. It's like he's really concerned that it shows too much. He says it right to the little one, the being at my side, he says, "He's gonna know something happened." He's pissed off at them. "I didn't think it would show like this", he says. Oh. He keeps dabbing it. Last time he dabs he pushes hard, and says, "That's as good as it gets." When he was doing this, I noticed that he wasn't wearing like an operating suit. This guy was in a smock and no mask. I'm trying to look at his ID badge. It's got big black lettering to the side of his picture. I can even make out the background of his picture. Red background. Curtains or something. I wanna say looks like an N, A? I can't make out the last of it. N, A?

YS: You can see very sharp and clear.

SN: C, A? Something like that. My eyes. If I could just blink and get the goo out of my eyes. There's some smaller writing underneath. Something either "Expired" or "Restricted" and a number: 212. Something like that. There's a signature on it. I can't read the handwriting. I get the feeling it's his signature.

YS: Is his name printed anywhere? Focus in on it. Is his name printed anywhere on it?

SN: I, I can't see a thing. I see other lettering. I can't make it out. The biggest lettering is the N and the A, that I'm sure of. There's a black line under it. Pin (unheard). Metallic blue, metal pin. Silver clip. This guy's about early 40's.

YS: He has a mask on?

SN: No, no mask. He's been cleaning my head. He's the one that's mad. Or I think is annoyed. I don't know what happened to me. I don't know. I didn't, I guess I didn't pay attention. MY head hurts. It hurts. It stings. I looked over and there's a big being there. And I ask, ya know, "Why did you do this? And it says, something, "It's important." And that it will help me, somehow.

YS: What does that big being look like? Is he tall? Is he (unheard)?

SN: I think so. It must be. It's hard to tell. I'm laying on my back. My head is raised. But as I look over, the head is so much larger than the smaller one. I don't know if it's, I guess it is the same one that I'm used to seeing. It's her, I think. She acts concerned. I think she's concerned.

YS: That you hurt?

SN: That it hurt, yes. That they hurt me so much. But that it really was a good thing that they did. I just keep hearing the same thing over and over again. That sort of patronizing tone. "This'll help you. This'll help you." And, ya know, I was very good, and all those things. I feel like I'm being patronized. I feel like I'm being humored. Oh, God that thing stings. It stings so much. They're loosening the straps on my feet. It feels good. I had my ankles so close together. And my wrists. I don't know why I just don't get off this table and run. But it's like, somehow I just know that I'm supposed to lay here. I know what to do. I don't know where I'd run. I don't know where I'd go. I (unheard) what they're doing. I mean, that's what I have to assume. It just seems so nonchalant to them. They're going about their business. The big one's walked around to my right side. It's talking to the same doctor. Wish I could make out the rest of that badge.

YS: Is he the only human you see?

SN: At the time, yes, yeah. I don't, no, I don't see Two small ones, one of them's leaving the room. Also, I noticed something else. The light's are dimmer in the room now. They're not as bright at all. And I'm kind of glad for that because they were really hurting my eyes. In fact, I remember now they, they had that light, examination light over my head. 'Cause I remember it being really bright, And it's dimmer now, in the room. They're saying, "Can you get him up now?" The doctor's saying, "Do you think it's a good idea to get him up now?" Because I'm so groggy and so drugged still. And I think to myself, "If they re worried about that, why don't they just- float me?" They’ve done that before. But they don' t. They just kind of, They're very strong. They come around and help me up. My legs drag off the table and just kind of dangle. I get a lot of encouragement about, "You can do it. Come on, you've gotta get up." The doctor says he's gotta go wait for someone, for some appointment, or something. It's so weird because he's talking to these beings like he's almost in charge of them. He says something about, "Sure. Everything's OK. You guys are OK without me now. I've gotta go to this other appointment." Or something like that. And kind of starts to walk and he turns back and he looks at me. And just kind of looks at me. He doesn't smile or anything, he just looks at me. I said something to him, but I can't put my finger on it. He leaves. The hallway's brighter lit. I can see 'cause the door's open. The little one just hands me my T-shirt. "Just put it on." I mean, I can hardly move my arms. They help me put my underpants back on. I sort of bend over and they put the T-shirt out of my hand and over my head. I put my arms through it. It feels good because it's cold Feels good to have any clothes on. I just don't like being cold like that. They just start to walk but somehow I feel that I'm not really walking this time. I'm trying to, but my feet are dragging. I can feel the floor on the backside of my toes. And (unheard). Oh, like scratching on a blackboard. Oh. Oh. I actually said something to them. "Pick my feet up!" God, that's awful. I can see the floor. It's like some kind of stone. It's got some kind of texture to it. It's not like you can feel, but you can see. We went to the end of this hallway into this - . Oh, I've seen this before. This is a big cavern. Big open expanse, supported by beams. Big metal girders. And it's very high, the ceiling. There's a corridor to my left and there's a yellow white light coming from it. There's some light over the top of it, with one of those metal screens around it. And I want to say the lights are red or orange or something. There's a sign, too. It's too far away to read. It's very dark in there. They're taking me right for this corridor. It's weird! We've been going to this corridor, and it's really bright, Yellow light. Really bright. Bright, white yellow. Just bright. It's so bright I can't see anything else. I wonder what's gonna happen. We just keep goin' and goin'. I could just see the top of my house for a second. It was like it came out of this wh. . . It's very difficult to describe. Came out of the white light, yellow white light. 'Cause it's definite yellow to it. It was like a hole left in it and through the hole was like a projection But it was 3-dimensional. I entered right into it And now we're above my house, descending to it. Definitely the backyard. I see the bars on my bedroom window. And it's light. It's lit up. There's light on them. Descending. Screen door's open. And the plant room. And just like Peter Pan, just float right down to it. Right to the (unheard). Right into the plant room. Back to the sliding door. The kitchen. Down the hallway. I see my bed and I see it really well because that blue light coming through the curtains. My wife’s lying there in bed she's out. Her eyes are slightly open. Looks terrible. Her eyes are open like, but she's not awake. They put me in bed. I just get in and pull the covers up. Two of them leave. Always, one looks back at me before it disappears down the hallway. I'm getting kind of used to them, they don't really scare me. They disappear down the hallway. (Sigh)

YS: (Unheard)

SN: I'm awake now. I can see the clock, too. 4 o'clock. (Unheard) when I first woke up I expected it to be light in the room, but it's not. I feel relieved. My head hurts. I feel weird, like I was under sedation. I just, I wanna get up. I wanna get up and go in the kitchen. Drink some water. And I get those overwhelming impressions that I don't need to get up. I need to sleep. I don't need to think about anything. I just need to forget about all this and go back to bed. Just go to sleep. But there's nobody there. I just feel this, what I hear. Or what I sense. Don't hear it, I sense it. I try to pull my leg out of the bed and it just won't move. I get it as far as the edge of the bed. I just realize it's useless.

YS: OK, (name), we're going to leave this (unheard) now. Just take a deep breath now. As we leave that time and coming back very, very gently and slowly to the present' time of January 13, 1994. Just slowly and gently go back to those beautiful mountains. Feeling very, very peaceful and calm. Just feel yourself going back to those mountains, knowing that as you re there in the mountains you begin to feel very much at ease. And let me know when you're there.

SN: I think I'm back.

YS: Doing just fine. Taking deep breaths now. Take those deep breaths. Feel your entire body very comfortable. Very good, very calm.

SN (Unheard)

YS: Knowing now that no matter what you've experienced in the past or what you might experience in the future, you're able now to put it all into perspective in your life. Incorporate all this into your life, knowing that there's a whole group of people around you who care about you, who listen to you, who help you. And you in turn help all the new people coming. And knowing now that your talent and your art work have a definite purpose in this life. And tonight when you sleep, and each and every night you will find you begin to experience a restful uninterrupted sleep, knowing that sleep is very important to you and your work. You rest your body and your mind. As you wake up each and every morning feeling rested, energetic, and ready to meet the challenges of each new day. Look forward to your work and all the good things that come to you. As I count from zero back up to five, you will awaken feeling fully refreshed, mentally alert, very calm, with a good sense of well being and feeling great. Starting with zero, (claps), which always represents deep sleep, and the suggestions I have given you are now reinforced, as you're comin' up to one, and two, as your breathing becomes more normal, three, just feel your body starting to come around, four, your eyes open, and five, wide awake. Feeling great. One, two, three, four, five, eyes open, wide awake. Feeling great. Very calm. Very restful. Feeling great. One, two, three, four, five. Wide awake. I think maybe, how about, let's get that part of your head x-rayed.

SN: It stings. It hurts.

YS: Well, you went through the memory. Did it feel very real to you? What's that -

SN: Yeah, especially that part where they had that thing on my head. It was like ice cold.

YS: Do you think you can draw, um, draw a picture of the, of that instrument, and -

SN: Yeah, it was real plain.

YS: And you know, the other one that they used?

SN: Yeah.

YS: I mean in the beginning-

SN: The top of Billy Meier Jell-O mold space saucer or. . .

YS: Oh, that one? With the round balls on it?

SN: Round balls, but it wasn't a saucer. But - metal plate balls on it around it, like that. Looked like that. Had this thing in the middle.

YS: Just draw it.

SN: Made a noise.

YS: You should have a drawing of the instruments anyway. What about that, the human doctor, though? That's bizarre.

SN: Yeah. It's not the first time I've seen them. Although we’ve never had a session on it. This was the first one we've done where the. But I mean, in my dreams, I told you that the tent, the examination booths, whatever it was. Saw doctors in there. Oh boy, I feel wobbly,

YS: Yeah, that thing about the humans, um -

SN: Oh, I don't like that.

YS: Makes me very concerned.

SN: I don't like that.

YS: You know it's -

SN: The way he was talking to them, like -

YS: Well, it's like one thing of being, ya know, poked and prodded by someone who's not of this earth, ya know -

SN: He was colder than they were.

YS: But the thought of human's involved. I know I've heard a lot of reports about that.

SN: Me, too. But I've just never really wanted to believe it.

YS: I don't have that many in my caseload. So it's like, ya know, ya hear it and you kind of file it, and -

SN: He was a cold bastard. You know, I felt - I couldn't feel anything from him. I feel something from them.

YS: You feel more. Iike from that female?

SN: You feel, you hear what they think. You feeI, you feel what they're feeling, and they, or they, and they try, they comfort you and stuff.

YS: He was like just -

SN: "Hold his head! Hold his head!" Ya know, and I don't know if it was him that was strapping me. I don't think it was because it felt gentle, and it got tight, though. It went on and then I felt kind of "mmm", and then my neck was feelin' really bad. But I got the feeling that my head was over this way, so that he could - - 'Cause he was on this side so he could touch this thing there. And then that was done and they could put my head back over this way. Yeah. And that shot, too.

YS: It was in your shoulder?

SN: Sting! yeah, yeah.

YS: But did anything stay there? It was just like they, they put a shot…

SN: I've had that before.

YS: …there, and that was it?

SN: Yeah. And then I felt real (mumbles), ya know?

YS: I might have other, in other sessions, other people have reported like a shot or something in that part, high up in the shoulder.

SN: Yeah? Yeah, I've seen marks from this when I felt like had something like that, I've had little blood, and little -

YS: What part of the shoulder was it?

SN: Right, right here.

YS: See, and other people said like right in through here.

SN: My arm was like this, and all of a sudden, prick! And "Owe!", and someone was walking away like that.


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