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--by Dale Mann

At the time of this writing in the late 1900's a rare historical transition is approaching. Soon the world will be drawing not only to the end of a century but to the end of a millennium; the end of an age. What hopes, beliefs, and anticipations mark these times and ourselves. What sets us apart from our predecessors? This century is set off from times past, and quite different from any other. In the future whenever thoughtful observers look back they may marvel at what they see.

To begin there are few saints to be found here, not because they didn't exits, rather they were never recognized as such. This century like so many others was also scarred by plagues, wars, massacres, follies, and more than its share of natural disasters; all the while illuminated by discoveries, works, sensibilities, and opportunities that seem unprecedented. But what uniquely defines the 1900's is something else: discoveries of the psyche, discoveries of the mind; and these discoveries, these insights have begun to transform the world.

To begin with there was no recoil, no rejection, no resistance to such a change. The world was ready and waiting to be transformed along with our sense of our place in it, and to transform the very soul searching questions for which we expect answers. Yes, previous centuries had prophets, mediums, soothsayers, and star gazers, and some made startling predictions which came true, but they made few discoveries fundamental to understanding ourselves.

The exponential growth in communications marked this age.and along with it grew the public following for information, the popular infatuation with new ideas and discovery. These cracked the foundation of long established ingrained beliefs, and that in turn propelled individuals towards their intuitive selves. Once there they found that much of what they were previously taught no longer made sense.

In psychic terms this century was anticipated, and prophets of old attempted to describe what they saw using the superstitious frameworks of their day, and they probably frightened hell out of themselves in the process of making their dire predictions; as we've so often done trying to make them come true.

Today inspired visions of the self are slowing leading the species out of ignorance and towards a reality that recognizes the possibility of a continuing world existence, a world of spiritual growth and renewed confidence in creation. There is a new covenant which says knowledge is power, and knowledge of the psyche is the most powerful of all. Consider the most striking demonstration of psychic powers in recorded history...

A series of books, copies of the original manuscripts for which reside in the Yale University archives, were written during the second half of this century. They were written by a woman in Elmira, New York, and Seth her trance channel, a personality no longer focused in physical reality. Beginning in the 1960's, Seth dictated over 5,000 pages of vital material and startling views on the universe beyond the five senses to the earthly writer Jane Roberts. Material which provides knowledge of creation and our place in it.

Usually those who teach on spiritual matters raise more questions than answers, and there are few original thoughts, but now however, because of the teachings of Seth, and the spread of those ideas around the psychic community, there is a glimmering light breaking through the murky waters of mass beliefs which says there are some marvelous truths awaiting us within what Seth called evolutions of consciousness.

The ultimate success of transdimensional teaching projects such as Seth's is beyond question. Such knowledge changes us all, and that change itself is a giant evolutionary step which sets this century apart from the rest. The turning point has been reached. In this case Seth was the source and Jane along with her husband Robert Butts were the examples. And because of that example tens of thousands of people around the world began turning to their intuitive inner selves for guidance and information. A long overdue family reunion began to occur between individuals and the soul portions of themselves.

Dale Mann is the editor of Cypress Online Magazine.
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