Crop Circles

Crop circles are the mysterious markings left behind in fields and pastures in Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan. They are actually known by a variety of names such as crop circles, crop rings, grip prairies, or circles of fear. Whatever you want to call them, they have perplexed farmers, scientists and UFO investigators for a long time. The mysterious circles may appear in almost any area where the land is flat or gently sloping. Efforts to try to explain them have blamed pranksters, hot air balloon landing sites, underground fungus, whirlwinds or dust devils, UFO landing pads, sites for Satanic rituals, and even helicopters flying upside down.

The appearance of the circles seem to form some sort of symbols, which perhaps are coded messages for extraterrestrial life. It is true that the markings are often discovered after nights that people had spotted strange lights in the sky, or UFOs. The dimensions of the flatted crops appear to be large enough to support landing areas for such craft. British engineers Pat Delgado and Colin Andrews wrote a book about the circles titled, Circular Evidence. They warn that there is a possible dangered associated to entering the rings. Some people who had moved inside them were apparently succeptible to strange energy sources, and later complained of irritability, red sore eyes, headaches, and other pains.

Here are some photos of crop circles:

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