Cattle Mutilations

Here are some accounts of cattle mutilations, with according pictures. (warning:some pictures are grotesque)

July, 1979 Walsenburg, Colorado USA
Rancher C. E. Potts found one of his prize bulls alongside of the road one summer afternoon in late July. "We were passing down this road, and there was a thunderstorm a coming up behind us. We smelled this animal as we come by. We came back to check on it, and found it was mutilated. We examined it and its sexual organs was taken out. Its eyes were taken out, and its eyelashes were taken out. Well, there wasn't no predators. Not a predator bothered it since it was dead even. Couldn't have been killed by a predator cause all the surgical work was done by an expert. I really didn't think anything of it till it come home to me. Now I know it was bound to have been mutilated cause anyone who could see good could tell it was," Mr. Potts remembered.

10/10/78 Logan County, Colorado USA
"The very first one we had was southwest of Sterling. When we first looked at it, it was unbelievable that you could take an animal and do this to it without leaving some kind of tracks or evidence behind such as cigarette butts, matches, hand prints, footprints, but there was nothing. The animal looked almost horrible, and it was something I didn't want to believe then. And, we probably had five or six others before I believed something strange was going on. We had one up north that we believe the animal was paralyzed and was alive while it was being mutilated. An eye, and an ear, the tongue, the rectal area were taken out. The animal had dug a hole with its head, but none of the other parts of the body moved," former Sheriff of Logan County Tex Graves who investigated 93 mutilation cases said.

Sept.1967 Alamosa, Colorado USA
Rancher Burl Lewis found his three year old horse, Snippy, dead with her flesh, from the base of the neck, stripped clean off. Fellow rancher and friend Harry King called Mr. Lewis when Snippy did not show up at his ranch for her customary night drink. Upon examination of the horse, pathologists found that the brain and the abdominal organs had been removed without incision. Also, Snippy was not decomposing normally. Mrs. Lewis found a mysterious, burning metal tool with horse hair on it near where Snippy was found. Researchers promptly lost the instrument.
Wyoming, USA
This heifer had her udder removed and the remaining teats slashed. As well, her rectum and sexual organs were cored out of the pelvic cavity. Expert analysis revealed that this animal had been mutilated. Normal predation indicators (bite marks, etc.) were not present, and the cutting instrument used had to have generated sufficient heat for cauterization (fusing of tissue and blood vessels by heat or chemical means). In a similar case, also from Wyoming, the pathologist found an insertion into the brain cavity of the cow that had been mutilated. The doctor therefore postulated that this cow had been subdued by an injection of unknown medium into the brain.

Sept.1967 Colorado, USA
Mutilations are differentiated from accidental or predatory death for several reasons. Chief among them is the manner in which the flesh has been removed from the body. Cauterization (the fusing of tissue and blood vessels by heat or chemical means) seems to be typical of mutilations. Unlike animal attack, the flesh, adjoining the area where it has been removed, is smooth and clean as if cut with a searing or laser scalpel. As well, the areas chosen for removal are quite strange. Mainly the sexual, anterior digestive tract and sensory organs are affected.(No predator differentiates so precisely). Still, no tracks of any kind can be found around the mutilation site, except, sometimes, tripod marks. Also, no carrion eaters will touch the mutilated cow even though it has plenty of flesh still left to be eaten.

10/24/77 Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama, Puerto Rico, Canada, and as far away as South America, have been home to such mutilations. Speculation that it is the work of secret US government groups (paramilitary or spy)or Satanic cults therefore seem too far fetched. Surely the US government would have their own stock of cows for an experiment of this nature. Satanic cults would need to have enormous resources to carry out this type of operation throughout the world. Ranchers have witnessed strange, unmarked black helicopters fly over their herds where they will later find mutilated cattle. Some have even witnessed strange lights in the night sky previous to finding bodies. There are those who believe that the mutilations are occurring as a random radiation test by extraterrestrial visitors whose purpose is to safeguard humanity against nuclear annihilation.

I hope these accounts have been informative, and if you have any you'd like to share, e-mail me.

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