Abduction Accounts

Here are some assorted accounts of abductions people have had. The account is in normal print, and the italic print after each is my opinion on the account.

9/19/61 White Mountains, Virginia USA, 1 UFO, 2 witnesses
Mr. Barney and Mrs. Betty Hill, on their way home to Portsmouth via the White Mountains, were amazed to find that they had lost more than an hour of their lives. They had absolutely no recollection of what they had done for that period of time. After suffering nightmares, the couple decided to seek psychiatric help. They were hypnotized and told to recall the missing portion of their lives. It seems that they had been stopped on their drive home by a luminous, saucer-shaped craft. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hill were taken aboard the craft and examined by extraterrestrials.

This is a classic case of a couple being stopped and taken by extraterrestrials on their way home, a story popular in many old sci-fi movies. The account, though lacking much information, has no invalid points, so I won't disapprove of it's validity, however the date of 1961, when UFO abductions and sci-fi movies like this were popular, I'd say it needs more proof to use as evidence of abduction.

2/5/67 Hilliards, Ohio USA, 1 UFO, 1 witness
A young man was nearly abducted by occupants of an egg shaped UFO that landed in a nearby field. The young man was alerted to the landing by the strange behavior of his dogs. He sighted the object, where several of the occupants had placed smaller egg shaped objects around the craft. As he approached, the occupants were alerted to him when he stepped on a twig. They tried to force him into their craft, but couldn't and fled away in their vehicle. I tend to disapprove of the validity of this account, on the fact that in almost all other accounts, such extraterrestrials have been shown to have telepathic abilities. If they did, they would have known he was there before he stepped on a twig, and they would take over his mind and force him to come in by walking, instead of pulling him in, which is what it sounds like.

Canada - 1961, 1 UFO, 2 witnesses
On their way home from a vacation in Canada, a couple found themselves being overflown by a large, saucer shaped UFO, 60ft in diameter and 15ft high. They were forced off the road by the craft, which subsequently landed. The pilots of the craft abducted the couple and forced them to undergo many physical examinations before returning them to their car. A psychiatrist, having hypnotized them, was of the opinion that their story was accurate. Didn't we already have this one? It's from 1961, too. Sounds like another case of the old sci-fi obsession.

7/23/52 Los Angeles, CA, 1 UFO, 1 witness
Orfeo, who lived near the dry Los Angeles river bed, awakened inside a great balloon-like structure where extraterrestrial beings had placed him. He floated above the city and took in its beauty. Suddenly, Orfeo was overcome with the epiphany that humankind lived in misery. He expressed, through thought, that he wished to stay with them. However, the beings, after marking his chest with the atomic structure of hydrogen, placed him back on Earth with the mission to enlighten his fellow terrestrials. This is an interesting one, in many aspects. First, they reportedly were floating over the city, which UFOs don't do(according to accounts). Then it becomes believable a little when he is given the message of society's misery and all that, but then they mark his chest with the atomic structure of Hydrogen. What is that all about? I think this is most likely a psychological phenomenon, not an extraterrestrial one.

7/21/75 Solnechnogorsk, Russia 3:00 pm 1 UFO 1 witness
Painting a landscape in a pasture outside of Solnechnogorsk, Comrade Malichev was startled when he felt a strange hand touching his shoulder. Malichev turned to face his visitor, and found three strangely clad beings, two males and a female, standing in front of a saucer shaped craft. They telepathically asked him if he wanted to join them on their journey, finding him uniquely well- balanced for a human. Comrade Malichev declined and watched them enter their craft which was now metamorphosing rapidly into different shapes. Minutes after the craft had ascended, Malichev again found himself in contact with the beings. This time the painter decided to join them. He was taken to a planet with three moons. As well, the man remembers being observed for the duration of the flight. At one point, Comrade Malichev met his deceased best friend who, along with the aliens, showed him the three stages of human development. Comrade Malichev has undergone many psychological and physical tests subsequent to the abduction. hmm...This is another unique one. It's uniqueness is probably it's key to believability in a way, but I think most people would say it's another psychological occurance. I'm not sure about this one however. Something about his deceased friend, and other things like the fact he could distinguish between male and female aliens makes me want to know more facts about this account, like what they looked like, and what the craft looked like. Also, I think that there's a possibility for this to have been a spiritual phenomenon.

9/27/89 Voronezh, Russia 7:00pm ,1 UFO, 50+ witnesses
A reddish glowing craft appeared over a park in the small city. Children playing soccer were instantly amazed and watched the craft open a wide hatch at its bottom. Three-eyed and wearing silver coveralls, a 10ft tall alien peered at the now numerous onlookers with his passive three eyes. Minutes later the craft reappeared and landed. The alien emerged from the craft with a mechanical robot and a floating orb. A boy close to the landing site tried to move away but was caught in the paralyzing beam emitted through the third eye of the being. The huge crowd began to shout at the alien and both craft and alien vanished. Approximately five minutes later, the alien and craft reappeared this time with a rifle like device. The alien pointed the device at a nearby boy who vanished. As the alien and craft disappeared some minutes later after observing the crowd, the boy reappeared. I like this one. I want to see a FOX mini-series based on this! What can I say? A three-eyed alien shocks a bunch of kids playing soccer, leaves, comes back, zaps a kid who vanishes, and then the kid returns a little while later. I wish this account interviewed the kid who was taken away, to see what he said, but again all this info is scarce.

I hope you like these, and I will be adding more in the future. If you have any experiences like these, e-mail me and I'll post them up here.

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