Worloche Keep

Welcome, everybody, to my Keep. Go ahead, lean over the edge of the wall and watch the poor peasant run. Don't fall over though, my archers are a little trigger happy. One gnome archer named Ghavdon is particully peeved. It seems he was passed over for a quest, and is taking out on the poor guy who is running. I hope Ghavdon forgets he has a flask of Greek Fire. That would be messy.

Who am i you ask? Why, I am the great juggler of this keep, Astric. Have you not heard of me? I, too, have not been on a quest, but the choice was voluntary, quite unlike Ghavdon. Lord Worloche asked me, as a personal favor, if I would look after his keep while he was off. I quickly said yes, in order to ease his worries over the keep. Don't listen to those nasty rumors that say I was never considered for a quest. It's simply not true.

**THUD!** Damn that Jynx!! I just slipped on his marbles for the billionith time. There he is, that cowardly, thieving, half-elf rat. He's hiding over there by the archers. He is pretty good with his sling, so they let him hang out with them. Jynx is an idiot, which makes it easy for the archers to cheat him at dice, but then he just steals it right back. Nobody but me knows whats going on, so its rather amusing to watch.

Well, lets be off the wall, and head over to that building right over there. No, not the one with loud singing and drunken dancing. That's the feast hall. The building I'm pointing at is made of stone, and has a slate roof. The one with the stain glass windows. Can't you see it? Yes, thats it. That is Lord Worloche's Library. It has a partial listing of books he has read or owns. He loves to discuss or give reviews of them. Just write him.

Lord Worloche, when he is in, also runs a strategy game, a cross between AD&D and being a general in charge of an army. Just go in and check it out. If you are interested, contact him.

Any other comments/suggestions would also be appreciated. Send to Worloche@aol.com



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