What water towers are really used for

    The United States has really grown over the past 200 years.  It started with a few colonies, and it grew into the largest empire on the planet today.  The US has steel mills, textile industries, automotive plants, electric plants, gas utilities, phone companies, and lastly, the United States has water towers.  Water towers.  Exactly what are water towers?  The government would like to tell you that water towers hold water.  Every city has one, and some cities have many.  What are they used for?
    Everybody knows that water towers have no practical function at all.  Water that goes to your home is pumped from lakes and rivers into cleansing plants.  Water towers are supposed to hold water.  If everybody in one city used their water at the same as everyone else, the water tower would be empty.  The government would have to pump it in as fast as people used it up.  Everybody knows that the government is not efficient, but nobody can be that inefficient.  All of this evidence leads to one question:  What are water towers used for?
    Water towers are not really water towers at all. They are really alien landing sites.  Everybody knows that aliens are on this planet (under Delaware, mostly) and of course, the aliens need places to land.  Ever wonder why water towers are so high.  It is so that aliens can land safely without everybody seeing them.  The red light on top of water towers is an indication of where the aliens should land.  It has the same principle as landing lights on a runway for airplanes.  Water towers come in all different shapes and sizes.  That's because aliens come in all shapes and sizes.
    Why do water towers have five support beams holding them up when there is supposedly never any water in them.  Simple.  When aliens land, they need people to do their laundry.(Yes, aliens wear clothes too).  They ship their clothes down the chutes and into our washers and dryers.  We do their laundry for them.  Ever wonder where all of the missing socks go in your washer?  Since socks are so small, they get mixed up in the mess of clothes and accidentally get shipped to the aliens.
    We don't believe that water towers should be destroyed; on the contrary, we believe that water towers are a vital part of our lives.  We just think that people should be made aware of real truths of them.  We feel that you should know, too.

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