Water Has a Taste

How many times have science experts told their theories on how water has no taste? Do you ever believe them? Does anyone ever believe them? That's because water DOES have a taste and all these so called professors of H2O are really brainwashed government officials being controlled by aliens.

Our theory says water does have a taste! If you taste a liquid, would you not be able to tell if it was water. Taste is defined (In Lothar's Dictionary) as something your tongue and taste buds pick up to give things a uniqueness. Now, water has to have a taste since it could be identified by a blind man as water.

Now why is science so determined to convince you water has no taste? Because water really has the same taste as an experimental brainwashing liquid that the government is testing under Delaware.

Why have it taste like water you ask? Its easy. Water is used in practically every edible thing known to man. Blood in meat has water, plants juices have water, even wheat for bread has had water it at some point. Once the brainwashing liquid is approved, it will replace every drop of water on the planet. Since it still tastes like water, people will not be able to tell the difference. The liquid will then be used to water plants, give to animals, and drink by humans. This liquid will consume products and water reserves all around the world. It will eventually replace lakes and oceans, with the help of the Hoover Dam. Water will enter Hoover Dam, and be converted to the liquid, then pumped out until there is not a single drop of pure water on the planet. All icebergs will be melted by alien nuclear rays, converted to the liquid, and refrozen under Delaware.

Once the world has consumed enough brainwashing liquid, the government will activate the watertowers (UFO's), and the world will be turned over to the aliens as our new leaders.

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