What is Baking Soda? What is Baking Soda Really???

The Tribe has concluded that Baking Soda has not come from this planet. We believe that Baking Soda was brought here from the Aliens and given to the Russians during Communist times. Baking Soda is really used in mind control, where the aliens are trying to control the world. Although it is not known when Baking Soda was invented, or where the Aliens acquired it, much is known on how it controls us.

This is what we do know.

Baking Soda is not used in either baking or soda. It absorbs scents, but it does not have one. It is used in propulsion for small childrens' toys, yet it does not give off any waste.

This is what we can be assumed by these facts.

Every family and household has a box of Baking Soda, but nobody ever uses it. It absorbs scents, but doesn't have one (This is not human). This is how it controls us. Since everybody has it, the Aliens can keep track of where people live, and what people do in their lives. Little toy boats and plastic volcanos used to come in cereal boxes like Cap'n Crunch and others. These toys are powered by Baking Soda. Children primarily play with these toys. The Aliens start controlling us when we are young. By the time children grow up and have boxes of Baking Soda in their own homes, they have already been controlled by the Aliens.

Arm and Hammer is a popular brand of Baking Soda. The symbol for this is an arm and hammer. These symbolize the Russian Communist government. The Aliens gave it to the Russians during the Cold War so the Russians could have the upper hand. Now Russia had the mind controlling power.

This is what we don't know.

We don't know what will happen now. This effects of this controlling power cannot be calculated yet. Since we don't know of it's exact origin, we do not have a way to stop it. We also don't know if there are or will be other useless kitchen products that have been brought by the Aliens to control us.

If you think we're wrong, open up your kitchen cupboard.

You will have a box of Baking Soda. . .

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