A little story on Communism

I, like most of my generation, grew up watching the Smurfs. I loved them so much that I tuned in every Saturday mourning to see what crazy hy-jinx those lovable little blue creatures would get up to. It is just now that I have realized what I was really tuning into each and every Saturday morning was in actuality Communist Propaganda!! Yes that is correct, Papa Smurf and all of his little smurf minions are not the happy little characters Hanna Barbara would have us believe! The cartoon was really created by the Russian government in order to indoctrinate the youngest members of western society with communist beliefs and ideals thus destroying their resistance to the imminent Russian invasion that was to occur when this generation (my generation) grew up. Looking back, our resistance was not destroyed (only our happy childhood memories) but only due to the determination of other cartoons such as G.I. Joe and Richie Rich who's goal it was to instill in the children of the western world the morals and values of Capitalism.

What kind of name is Smurf anyway? I was asking myself the same question when someone pointed out that Smurf was not really a name but rather a clever 5 letter acronym an FLA which is a three letter acronym itself (TLA) Which is of course another TLA! But anyway Smurf actually stands for Socialist Men Under Red Father. It doesn't take a genius to realize that is exactly what the Smurfs were. And don't think for a second that the color of Papa Smurfs outfit was random; no way! It was chosen to be red in order to have the children of North America to associate the color red with a nurturing good-natured happy little character. The name smurf also has a second purpose! Aside from being the name of the little bastards, Smurf is also their last name! (Papa Smurf, Brain Smurf etc.) Now what last name does Smurf resemble? Why the name Smith of course! Is their another more North American or English name? I doubt it! We have all had a best friend or coach or teacher with the last name Smith. Hell your last name might be Smith! The communists wanted the Smurfs to have a name that North American Children would be at ease with thus making it easier the crush the spark of capitalism within them!!

It is almost too perfect! The Smurfs are a perfect match to what communism should be in theory. The Smurfs have no currency and every thing is shared equally between them. Notice that all of the Smurfs dress exactly the same in the same standard issue: white pants and hat. It is nearly impossible to tell one Smurf from another. This demonstrated the idea of total equality and that every member of the society was as important as the others. The Smurfs made communism look like a great form of government because all of the Smurfs seemed happy and there was no poverty or any crime. This was a ploy of the communist creators of the Smurfs that was used to turn the North American children on to the idea of communism. Of course, in reality communism just does not work because people are generally greedy and need to have something to strive for that is why capitalism works; it allows us to strive to make more money, get better toys, and higher social standings that our friends, neighbors, or anyone we may come in contact with.

The Smurfs put forth a definite anti-capitalism message in their shows. One need only look a value of certain Smurfs in the society to see this; who was portrayed negatively on the show? Greedy and vanity that's who! And why were these particular Smurfs frowned upon? Well Greedy took for himself and like to eat allot. Is that a reason to condemn him? I think not he still did allot of good for the society; he did cook for them all did he not!! The case of vanity is even more disturbing! Who do you think the Smurf that wore a flower in his hair and looked in the mirror all day represented? Vanity was a homosexual of course and he was constantly put down which taught the young generation of would be North American communists that homosexuality would not be tolerated in this society. Now that we have seen which Smurfs were looked down upon we must ask which Smurfs were valued the most in the society? Why it was the hard working handy Smurfs which worked hard and questioned nothing. The communists wanted their new generation of communists to value hard work and to condemn the lazy Smurfs who played golf suntanned and drove about in there shinny new XK8's otherwise known as the business man!!!

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