What's up with phone booths without phones? What's up with phone booths without phones?

Recently, the Tribe of Lothar visited the United States' capital city, Washington DC. There we noticed many strange occurances and things that were out of the ordinary. This phone booth seemed a little too out of the ordinary. It is a phone booth with out a phone. Many people will say that this is just tax dollars wasted on petty things, and it's all government ineffeicincy, but we know the real truth.

The US government planned it this way. These booths without phones are really places for aliens to plug in and communicate with other aliens, or even with their mothership. Aliens cannot survive under Delaware all of their lives. They walk freely around us. They need ways to communicate with others, too. Luckily, the Tribe found out about this.

If you are keeping up with tribe matters, you will know that the Tribe is participating in a Presidential election. The Tribe cannot let this matter of business be forgotten, so we have decided to enact a Secretary of Phone booths without phones. The person filling this position is Tribe member Argon.

Next time you go to make a phone call and can't because of a phone booth without a phone, remember, just because you can't, maybe it's there for someone. . .or something else to use.

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