Do they exist? What are they?

First of all many of you may be wondering What is a manimal?
A manimal, (according to Lothar's dictionary) is a man made animal, or a part man part animal.  They exist all around us.  The abominable snowman, Bigfoot, Yetti, Garguantans, Mickey mouse, the Taco Bell dog, are all examples of manimals.  You say you've seen a manimal?  Scientists can clone sheep and mice, and they can make manimals.  They have already put a human ear on a rat.  You've probably never heard of that.  Thats why the Tribe of Lothar is here.  First of all, they do all of this under Delaware, so it's completely top secret(not anymore), and second of all they have all kinds of manimals.  Many(not all), of the supposed aliens are manimals.  The scientists model their manimals after aliens.  Isn't it funny they have so many parallels between them?
1 Nobody has ever captured an alien.
    Nobody has ever captured a manimal.
2  Aliens are kept under Delaware
   Manimals are kept under Delaware
3  Aliens are misshaped
    Manimals are misshaped
4. Manimals eat doughnuts
    Aliens fly in doughnuts

Scientists are hoping manimals are a cure for cancer.

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