Why United States really institutes Leap Year.

    Over the past years America has increasingly become obsessed with a natural phenomena called Leap Year.  What is Leap
Year?  Where is it's origin?  The Earth takes 365 days to revolve around the sun.  But many "experts" say it really revolves around the sun in 365 and a quarter of another day.  So, the quarter year accumulates, and every four years, another day is
added to the 365 making 366. This is Leap Year. Why it is called Leap Year is a question that will be answered later.
    The United States government takes advantage of this natural phenomena called Leap Year.  People, not knowing any better,  go about their business as usual, but the Government has other plans.  On February 29, when people are sleeping the Government does it's "official" business of brainwashing the American Public into voting for the next President,  voting on national issues, and giving up more of their hard earned money for taxes.  Now everybody really knows that the people don't elect the President, the Electoral College does.  The Leap Year is just a ploy for the Government to brainwash the American Public.
    Why is it called Leap Year?  Everybody knows that we don't skip a day, we add one on.  It should be called "Add Year".  This may clear up a lot of confusion.  The Government calls it Leap Year because when it does it's brainwashing during the night, people will automatically leap into the next day, March 1.  It doesn't want people knowing what it did on this secret day.  Isn't it strange how Leap Year is on the same years as every Presidential Election.  Coincidence?  The Tribe doesn't think so.
    We urge you to write to your local congressman, senator, or local Alien on the Council for Universal Equality.  We must tell them that we will not stand for leap year, and we must fight for our rights to keep the calendar year normal.   

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