The Conspiracy behind
Hoover Dam

The Government claims that no one is buried in the Hoover Dam. What is being covered up? If there are no people buried in the Hoover Dam, maybe the ones buried in Hoover Dam are aliens.

1. The government story is that the Hoover Dam was built to supply water and power for Los Angeles. But Los Angeles is over 300 miles away! Why would the government choose to build the Dam in such a remote location if there was not some other reason for it?

2. Before the government built the "engineering wonder," independent scientists proclaimed it could not be done unless the government knew something that regular scientists didn't. But they built the Dam anyway.

3. It is a well-known fact that the only Earth fuel that could supply the kind of speed and maneuverability that has been observed in UFO spaceships is hydrogen, and hydrogen is made from water.

4. The image of UFO's landing in the desert which is the popular media conception and which was promoted by the government in the famous Roswell incident is just a cover up for the true nature of UFO's and UFO power. Every independent UFO scientist agrees that UFO's would need large bodies of water both for soft landings (as in the "splash-downs" of the original Apollo project) and for supplying hydrogen necessary for take off.

5. Archeologists who tried to go under water to find ancient Indian ruins that had been covered over by the water reported that even though they had very accurate maps of the land underneath the water, the murkiness of the water made it "impossible" to investigate anything under the surface. If you wanted to hide a UFO, where would you put in plain sight of a public park or underneath 28 million-acre feet of water?

6. The government covers up the true nature of alien spaceships through their influence in Hollywood and through "culture moles" like Bob Lazar who try to make you think that alien spaceships would naturally land in the desert. This is a big lie. It is well known that in order to maintain their great speeds and almost infinite maneuverability within the earth's atmosphere, alien spaceships have to use hydrogen power. When the government learned this, they realized that in order to keep the spaceships out of Russian hands, they would have to build a huge body of water away from population centers but within the territory of the United States.

7. There has been more UFO sightings near Area 51 than in any other place in the world. Given the known speed of UFO's, every single sighting of UFO's near Area 51 can be attributed to the secret submarine UFO base at Lake Mead only 100 miles away.

8. It is a well-known fact that the designs on the top of the Hoover Dam are intended to be used as both a navigational star chart and as a permanent star clock. The inscriptions next to the diorite star chart explain in precise mathematical terms the formulas necessary to convert the chart into a workable astronomical atlas.

9. Although the language used on the star chart preserves the usual government policy of "plausible deniability" it is clearly written in a diplomatic language that will be acceptable to alien governmental visitors. (One government publication even refers to "other worlds," "future men," and "some race entirely alien in mind and body"!! [See U.S. Govt. Printing Office O-257-284.]) The same thing is true with the statues on the Dam which are depictions of human-alien genetic experiments, "hiding in plain sight." Both the "hieroglyphic" depictions of human activities and ideas and the abstract patterns inside the Dam are specifically designed to express to "aliens" the purposes of the dam.

10. The Hoover Dam is the burial place for aliens who have died on earth. The inscriptions and the type of burial insure that even if all of the aliens here on Earth die, and we lose contact with their distant solar system, future alien explorers will not think that we humans killed off the first alien scouts. The star charts on the Dam will be accurate for the next 14,000 years. And the "hieroglyphic" inscriptions and honorable burial of the first aliens will always be readable proof of our original friendly intentions. (The government came very close to admitting this directly in the January 1936 issue of the little-known government publication The Reclamation Era, a writer going by the name "True" writes, "To a man from Mars such...diagram[s as found in Hoover Dam] might conceivably serve as the best possible means of understanding the meaning of [Hoover] Dam." If only we American humans were as good at reading the signs!!)

11. The first thing the government ever denies about the Hoover Dam is that there is anyone buried inside of it. This would naturally lead one to ask whether there is any person buried in the dam. And this is a question anyone in the government can answer with total truthfulness (even in a lie-detector test!), NO. Because there are no people buried in the Hoover Dam.

12. At the entrance to the Dam, there is a prominent memorial to "they" who built the Dam. Who does this "they" refer to? Why is there no list of names? The plaque on the memorial shows an image of a humanoid figure floating in the water, raising his hands up at a sky filled with electricity. This is clearly supposed to be the alien spaceships harbored at Lake Mead and their hydrogen propulsion systems. The fact that this image appears on the memorial plaque tells the aliens from the future that this is the gravesite of the first alien scouts who were buried in the Hoover Dam.

During the cold war, the government wanted to keep alien technologies out of Russian hands. Now they are trying to keep information out of your mind. Remember, knowledge is power.

These are the concrete facts!

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