The Power of Five

The Sacred number.

When Lothar set out making the periodic table, he purposely made five independent elements, aptly called the Noble Gasses.  These five noble gasses would be the basis for everything good to ever follow him.  Every thing that was ever good had five members.

Scooby Doo
Power Rangers
Ninga Turtles
Poker hands
Sex partners

There is many more things that are good and have five members.  This is just a few.  The number five has more power that any other number.  With out the number five, no math could have ever been thought of.  With out the number five, people wouldn't have been able to count past four.  With out five, computers wouldn't work, children wouldn't be born, and airplanes wouldn't fly.  Imagine having to dail a phone number with out the number five.

Lothar Meyer knew what he was doing when he set out to make the number five special.  Everything in the universe revolves around the number five becuase Lothar intended it to be that way.  This shows that Lothar is the true creator of the universe, and everybody should recognize this.

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