Fact or fiction?

 Delaware is a state not well known by the American public.  In fact many people don't even know where Delaware is on a map.  The Government claims that Delaware was the first US State, but nobody seems to know much else.  Well today complete and decisive evidence will be presented that will prove that Delaware is not only a Government scandal, but also evidence will be presented that Delaware is not even in existence at all.

 First of all, where is Delaware?  Its supposedly located east of the Potomac River near Maryland and Washington DC., and on the Atlantic Ocean.  Delaware has no national landmarks, no unusual history, no big cities, no sports teams, no big companies, no famous celebrities, any anything.  Everybody that you talk to doesn't know anybody that lives in Delaware, nobody takes trips to Delaware, and nobody ever asks what happens in Delaware.

 Delaware was supposedly the first state.  Now I ask you, did not the Pilgrims settle in Potomac Village in present day Massachusetts?  In fact, all of the early colonists settled in the New England region of the present United States.  They didn't venture off one thousand miles into unfamiliar to settle a place called Delaware. Wouldn't it be only logical that the Government make Massachusetts the first state. There once was a place called Roanoke Virginia back in the early times.  This city was located in present day Delaware.  Roanoke disappeared some time ago.  Does that mean that present-day Delaware disappeared also.  No, it means that Roanoke never existed at all, but we're made to believe it did.

   Now I bet some of you are wondering that if there are only 49 states, then why does the Senate have 100 seats.  There is a simple reason for that.  Imagine having to figure out calculations and percentages with only 98 people.  This would cause anarchy.  The reason why there are 100 Senators is simplicity.  It makes things a lot easier to figure out.

 Now that you have been presented with ample evidence of the non-existence of Delaware, you're probably wondering, 'What If I go there and see it; will it be there?'  There are two possible right answers to this question.  1, Delaware is a big hole in the ground, with nothing to show for it, and 2 Delaware is a big cover-up by the Government.  I will explain both in the following paragraphs.
 For those who wish to believe this, Delaware is just a big hole in the ground.  Some might be saying, 'You can't just have a hole, it's impossible.'  Well technically, it's not.  Many people experience things called sinkholes on their property.  Basically, a sinkhole is a hole of caved in land.  Delaware, being so close to the Potomac River could've sank and formed the foundation of the Potomac.  Combine this with an earthquake of decent size and a never-ending hole is formed.

 The second, and quite possibly the best explanation of Delaware is that it is a flat, level, piece of land with nothing on it.  The real story is beneath the surface.  Delaware really houses the biggest underground military base known to man.  It houses the alien recovery and research projects.  It is connected to many other underground bases around the U.S.  Aliens are recovered in places like New Mexico and Nevada.  They are stored under Hoover Dam (the Nexus of the Universe) and, when ready to be researched, are transported via a series of underground tunnels to Texas, then to St. Louis (under the arch) then to Delaware where the work is done.  Isn't it a coincidence that Delaware is so close to Washington DC?  This is probably the best known explanation of Delaware.

For all of you that don't know, Delaware is growing.  It already has a river named after it, and there are cities called Delaware located all throughout the United States.  Pretty soon you could be living in a town or state called Delaware. Help stop the takeover and let you local congressman know that we wont stand for all of this.  Delaware or non-Delaware should be taken seriously.  Thank you.


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