Where did the Modern Day Cowboy go???

Coyboys have always been around in Southern America; the cowboy way has been a lifestyle of Southern Americans since the Wild West was tamed. But, nowadays, the "Cowboy" has disappeared from the American way of life. This is a theory on why the modern day "cowboy" has disappeared.

Blue Jeans were invented back in the late 1800's. The first pair of Levi's were found in an abanded coal mine, and they dated back to the 1890's. Blue Jeans back then were nothing special; a pair of rugged, blue pants that were good to work in. The Cowboy was one of the typical wearers of blue jeans. This was fine for a while, but with all of the technological advances of today, jeans, unfortunately changed, too.

It all started with the 1980's. Everything had to be glamorous, and expensive. Jeans changed dramatically. There was not only blue jeans, but black jeans, white jeans and pink jeans. They had different cuts, different styles, and there was even jeans with bullet holes in them. With the start of the 1990's, people got bored with these styles and wanted new ones. So jeans changed again. Now there are jeans with bell bottoms, carpenter jeans, overalls, and stone-washed jeans. This brings us to the point. What do jeans have to do with the disappearance of the modern day cowboy? Well, the answer lies in stone-wash jeans.

What are stone-wash jeans? They are jeans that are faded and have a special design and color in them because of the stone washing. How do these jeans get like this? Ther are numerous theories on how jeans become stone washed. Some say that machines alter these jeans in some high-tech way, but the real reason these jeans are stone washed is because of the cowboy. Many companies hire cowboys to stone wash their jeans. These cowboys(usually three, max) use sling shots and pea shooters to throw washed stones at the jeans. Many times these cowboys work overtime just to get the job done. Many jean manufacturers train the cowboys to throw stones with pin-point accuracy to make sure the jeans are of adequate quality.

Next time you are in Gap or Abercrombie and Fitch and are thinking about buying stone washed jeans, remember what Lothar told you and buy the other kind instead.

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