A comment by a critic of Lothar. A comment by a critic of Lothar.
This was an actual comment by a fellow by the name of Dmitri Mendeleev.  He said:


        Though your theories sound interesting and somewhat funny to the average
        cybernetic-simpleton, your have only placed the false rumors of Lothair's work
        further into the public's mind. It is I, Dmitri Mendeleev, who served as the original
        creator of the Periodic Table. The rumors of my death comrades has been
        "greatly exaggerated"!! (Of course Twain got that line from me.) I have attached
        a photo of myself to prove my existence beyond a shadow of doubt. 

        As Lothair and his works is actually a farce and a phallacy, it time that I return to
        my place in history and assume my correct role of Leader and GREAT FATHER of
        your sect. Though some of your theories seem to be correct and your
        Constitution somewhat flawless, I can tell that this is merely the work of
        schoolboys on some strange lark. To begin, everyone within the science
        community knows the lemmings serve as better governmental representatives
        than woodchucks. The mass suicides that often occur within their numbers is a
        perfect mirror of the inflation of our currency's worth followed by a crash that
        brings the value of currency back into realistic figures.  As we all know
        government relies heavily upon currency, it is this fact the the lemming serves as
        the best choice as a representative within the House. 

        Woodchucks be damned!!! Lemmings the world over, it is now time for you to
        move forward and took your rightful place in history. 

        There is much more that I must share with you my friends and soon to be
        followers but alas time does not allow.  I will be in contact with you very soon as
        we have much to discuss from the re-naming of this sect to "The Tribe of
        Mendeleev". I would prefer that the Russian hammer and sickle be a part of the
        new logo.  Remember that it was I that predated Lothair in publishing the chart
        that graces labs all across this world. 

        I would also recommend the chant "Hail Dmitri, Hail Mendeleev, Hail the great god,
        CREATOR of Hydrogen, and protector of the gases of human origin." But for right
        now you may just call me Dmitri. I wish to be not only your leader but your pal as

        Until my next missive. 

This is an actual email that the tribe received. Lothar is asking all his members not to stand for this. Please email dmitri at dmitri_mendeleev@hotmail.com and let him know what you think. 1
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