Why the English alphabet should be shortened

 Today’s society is moving faster than ever before.  With the development of fax, and now the Internet and E-mail, people need to talk, type and communicate as fast as possible.  With all of this need for growing speed, we need to make some changes in our society, and with growing speed, things need to be sacrificed.  Our modern alphabet is over  600 years old, and it’s roots are derived from the ancient Greeks.  I think we need to re-examine our present alphabet and make some modern changes.
 Imagine not having to think about whether a word begins with “f” or “ph”, “c” or “s”, or “z”or “x”.  With the new shortened alphabet, controversies like thewe will be long forgotten.  Letters like K, X, I, J, Q and combinations like “gh”, “tion”, “ps”, “kn”, will be eliminated, while other words will be shortened.  New letter combinations can be used in substitution, instead.  Silent letters appearing consecutively would also be eliminated, too, creating less confusion on words.  “Knock” would be spelled “noc”, “hour” would be “our”, and “bookkeeper” would be “buceper”.  Everything would be spelled phonetically (or fonetycly).  Imagine not having to ever look up the word “phloem” again. Under the new alphabet, it would be spelled “flom”, noting the long “o”.
 With this new alphabet, business’ would operate smoother, employees would be happier, and tasks would get done quicker.  With employees not having to worry about spelling, they could focus on other jobs that are much more important.  Schools would see improvement in students’ grades because, most of the time, students get points taken away from spelling.  People would be much happier if they didn’t have to worry about spelling, I know I would.
 Until our alphabet changes, we’re all stuck using our old pal Webster.  If you are ever working on a report for a business, school, or for your own enjoyment and having trouble with a word, you will still have to look it up.  Until somebody takes the new alphabet seriously, we will all have to write conventionally.  E-mail me with your comments, and don’t worry, I won’t check the spelling.
 (Untyl our alfabet changes, we’re al stuc usyng our old pal Webster.  Yf you ar ever workyng on a report for a busynes, scol, or for your own enjoyment and havyng truble wyth a word, you wyl styl have to lok yt up.  Untyl  somebody takes the new alfabet seryusly, we wyl al hav to wryte convensunaly.  E-mayl me wyth your coments, and don’t wory, Aye won’t chec the spelyng.)

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