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This is a big skull. Duh. The Tribe of LotharThis is a big skull. Duh.

This page is humorous. Don't take our ideas seriously, but don't take them lightly either. Enjoy.
We are the Tribe of Lothar. We are five founding fathers who meet at least once every seven days to discuss Lothar's views on world issues and other ideas. We gather at various places, sit around the altar(table), inhale holy fumes(cigarettes and cloves), and convey Lothar's ideas. We record the minutes of every meeting, which you'll find down further on our page. Essays of our major theories are even further. Below is our Constitution.

This is a big skull. Duh. Lothar is Watching You!This is a big skull. Duh.

The Constitution of Lothar

Lothar Meyer was a chemist that lived back in the 1700ís. He worked on creating the modern Periodic table. Lothar Meyer was a genius. Lothar Meyer was the real creator of the universe and The Tribe of Lothar is in existence to preserve these truths we hold evident to the creation of the universe.

Lothar Meyer created the original modern Periodic Table, as we know it today. The Periodic Table has approximately 100 naturally occurring elements. These 100 or so naturally occurring elements make up all that is known in the universe. Everything in the universe is on the Periodic table. Therefore the Tribe of Lothar contends that Lothar Meyer is the creator of the universe, and, therefore rightly deserves credit where credit is due.

The Tribe of Lotharís members are named after the five noble gasses. These gasses are the independent of all of the elements. Other members deemed worthy of joining the Tribe would be named after the alkali metals. These people will look up to the noble gasses, because on the periodic table, all elements want to become like the noble gasses. Lothar Meyer is hydrogen on the periodic table. He is hydrogen because hydrogen is most abundant and easily combines with other elements. It is also the first and main element. This also gives way to the fact that Lothar is all around us, and we need Lothar to live.

Other things like isotopes and man-made elements are things that do not naturally occur on earth. Things like half size shoes, Neapolitan ice cream and hot dogs are examples of isotopes.

The Tribe of Lotharís primary goal is to inform the public of this old, but relatively unheard of theory. We want Lothar Meyer being taught in elementary schools along with analytic geometry, and advanced biology. We believe that the Lothar Meyer evolution theory is the best known theory today.

Lothar Meyer, Hydrogen 

Currently, the Tribe is seperated. All five fathers are furthering their education at area colleges. Neon and Argon are attending Ohio University, Xenon is attending Ohio Northern, Krypton is schooling at Miami of Ohio University, and Radon attendeds Bowling Green University. During these times meetings will still occur, and the Tribe will continue.
-Neon, September 23, 1999-

This is a big skull. Duh.This is a big skull. Duh.

Scroll down to our THEORIES to read our ideas about Y2K

Based on a unanimous vote by Neon and Neon alone, (I make the page, I can do what I want) I have voted that THESE women are the best looking female celebrities so far in 1999. My votes go to Britney Spears and Anna Kournikova (so far).

Members of the Tribe of Lothar are planning in participating in a presidential election. We have decided that the basic two party format is unacceptable, so we established the third major party. Here is the party we created and it's platform.

Here is Ohio's 13th District Representative Sherrod Brown endorsing the presidential shirt of the Tribe's party.

Minutes of the Tribe's Meetings

Sixteenth of February, 1999

Twenty-Fifth of February, 1999

The Eighteenth of March, 1999

The Twenty-Fifth of March, 1999

The Fifteenth of April, 1999

The Twenty-Second of April, 1999

Twenty-Ninth of April, 1999

The minutes of each meeting will be added when more meetings happen.

Main Theories of the Tribe of Lothar

Why Convenient is not convenient!

Phone Booths Without Phones?


Where Did All the Cowboys Go?

Water Does Have a Taste!

What is Baking Soda, Really?

Our Theory on Delaware.

Why is Canada a Country?

What are Water Towers Really Used For?

The Real Reason for Smurfs

What is a Manimal?

The Truth About Leap Year!

Why the English Alphabet Needs to be Changed!

Investigating Hoover Dam.

The Power of Five.

These are theories that have been sent to the Tribe by avid readers. The Tribe has not yet discussed them, but will in the near future (If Krypton decides to show up for a meeting anytime soon). The Tribe would like to know what you think.

The Truth About Cats!

Sea Monkeys.

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The World's Best Conspiricies-The name says it all.
The Fairview Cult-Local group, funny stuff, not serious.

This is an actual comment from one of Lothar's readers about the Tribe.

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